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12/09/2020 4:35 pm  #1

GW JMU Game currently on TV

NBC Sports Washington Xfinity channel 856


12/09/2020 6:42 pm  #2

Re: GW JMU Game currently on TV

JMU wins by 10. Even though they controlled the game for most of the second half, the game was evenly matched-- except that JMU shot about 10% better than GW. That resulted in 5 more makes on  a similar number of attempts. Both teams went to the free throw line about the same number of times, and JMU outrebounded GW by a few, but had a few more TOs. I’d have to say that their shots looked a lot like ours, but they made more.
Our freshman played really well-- keeping us in the game the first half. Brigham was 8-13 from the field for the game, and Perea and Gingras were both 3-5. By contrast, Whitney was 0-9, Loder was 1-8, Blethen 1-5, and Taiwo 0-3. Luma picked up her game in the second half, so it wasn’t a total blowout.
JMU is a pretty good team, will probably win the CAA again, so this was a good test on the road. Two things:  (1) GW needs some consistent  offensive play from the upper classwomen. (2) The defense has not played consistently good team defense as they have in recent years-- they are giving up too many points, given their offensive challenges. With only a couple more games before the A10 opener, they have their work cut out.


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