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1/24/2021 2:41 pm  #1

Down to St Joe 37-28 at the half

Don't know why I torment myself with this coach.   GW led 20-8 after 1 qtr, then SJU went on a 29-8 run.  xAC, I'm not sure if I'd rather have Jekyll or Hyde show up.


1/24/2021 3:51 pm  #2

Re: Down to St Joe 37-28 at the half

They made it close, but still lose 61-63. Some nice intensity at the end with solid D.  Need Nut to teach them how to make a layup surrounded by bigger players.  How to use ball english and timing.  

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1/24/2021 5:47 pm  #3

Re: Down to St Joe 37-28 at the half

A real feeling of helplessness in the 2nd quarter as St Joes drained one 3 pointer after another in a streak that likely won't happen again for them in a long time. 

And BC, you're right-- our players don't shoot, dribble, rebound or pass well in traffic -- but they haven't seemed to learn that lesson. Also, it's very frustrating to blow a fast break and then pay for it on the other end and also make multiple stops on defense, but not make the other team pay.

I like our youthful core, so I can only hope that we are setting things up for next year. 

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1/24/2021 10:52 pm  #4

Re: Down to St Joe 37-28 at the half

Am I the only person that wonders why women (not just GW) seem to often throw the ball way too hard off the glass when attempting a layup?  Is it a matter of not enough body control when going hard at the basket? 

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