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2/18/2021 7:02 pm  #1

Colonials 59 Wildcats 44

This was a game GW controlled from beginning to end against an undermanned Davidson team that was without their leading two scorers. The Wildcats did play better defense than our last two opponents, pushing the offense out, and forcing GW to take a lot of of tough shots with the clock running down. The offense wasn't smooth tonight and the defense not dominant as in the last two contests. Tonight, GW had timely contributions from a number of different players that allowed the team to maintain a 12-15 point lead for most of the second half.

Always nice to get a payback win.

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2/19/2021 11:51 am  #2

Re: Colonials 59 Wildcats 44

xAC, I am off the dump the coach bus now. There is a premium being placed on the defensive end and much better blocking out on the glass. The pieces of the team are playing positive roles. Ali is the number one option on offense and they are getting better with the entry passes. Our team is missing Perea now and she is missed, buyt the coaches have rotated in Luma, Taiwo and Blethen along with Brown. To cover the paint. I have to say that this was the most complete and positive game I have seen from Taiwo. Luma continues to hit big midrange jumpers at key times. Our backcourt is about as good as we have had at GW in a while. Whitney is working well with Gingras and Loder. Nikitinaite, Brown and, thank our stars, Blethen  are hitting from 3!!!

The defensive pressure in the half court is special. The women will disguise the defense as the opponents are bringing the ball up the court.

Along with fewer unadvised passes, the team is also not forcing up lame attempts after offensive boards. They are doing the smart thing of kick it out to reset the offense. All of these improvements are giving the Colonial Women a chance to make it to the end of the game with a lead



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