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1/14/2021 10:15 pm  #61

Re: Ricky Lindo

jf wrote:

Very optimistic. Did Tafara sign?
Wouldn't count on anyone until the ink is dry.

jf, I am most definitely an optimist. IMO, it makes my life and those around me happier. I also believe optimism leads to positive results.  Perhaps not immediately, but it is the fastest way to good results.  I feel JC is also an optimist.  As far as I know both players will be wearing the Buff and Blue, but I am sure people like GWRising and other may have more factual insights on this.  


1/15/2021 7:11 am  #62

Re: Ricky Lindo

BM wrote:

Moyer's minutes will go down.  A couple of times Lindo and Moyer were battling for boards and Lindo came up with it.  Lindo seems like a polished player (small sample size) and Moyer is a one year player so make sense to give him more PT.

Moyer isn’t necessarily a one year player. Given the ncaa ruling, if he wants to stay next year, he can come back.

I was really impressed last game with the way Moyer and Lindo were switching on the perimeter.  It was definitely causing some issues for VCU in the half court, and I would expect they will play together a lot. 

Before the season, JC talked a lot about how he could say us playing a lot of tall lineup with Battle at the two.  That wasn’t really possible given the makeup of the team, but now I could see that.  I suspect Bishop, Battle, Lindo, Moyer, Paar become the starters. Normally I’d be worried about the lack of a second ball handler on the floor, but since Bishop always has the ball anyway, maybe in our style that’s not as big a problem (plus Battle’s handle is much improved this year). 

I could also see us, in some matchups, trying a pace and space lineup with Bishop, Brelsford, Ball, Battle, and Lindo.  Might not work if Ball can’t shoot it better and more quickly,  but that’s a lineup that could really spread the floor Bishop and be tricky for opposing defenses to defend.


1/15/2021 8:16 am  #63

Re: Ricky Lindo

Good thread all.  In terms of the 5, I think anyone who steps up defensively will get the minutes.   We don’t need points from the 5....we already have plenty of other scoring options.  The problem is neither Paar nor Dean have shown us they can do so.  Among other issues, they seem to be too slow, and at least as far as Chase not aggressive enough.  As for Dean, if there was no disqualification rule and he played 40 minutes vs VCU, he may have been called for 80 fouls.   Brown may ultimately be the answer, but he is still a way off, and certainly won’t be on the track team in the off season.    VCU may have been a bit of an anomaly, given how strong they were inside and weak outside, but anyone who has been watching us all season had to be concerned about interior defense.   The answer for now very well may need to be one of the non-centers.


1/15/2021 8:51 am  #64

Re: Ricky Lindo

It would also help the interior defense to remind the others of the old basketball maxim that you play defense with your legs, not with your arms.  if the opponent is consistently blowing past our wing defenders due to matador defense, it puts just too much pressure on the interior defense.   It would also help if they weren't so susceptible to the ball fake.  I will say that one hole we may have plugged up some  is our three point defense, as we are now holding the other team to a somewhat respectable 32.9% shooting from the three (would like to see that number drop below 30%), but that may have been helped some by VCU having shot a woeful 4-15 from the 3.


1/15/2021 8:55 am  #65

Re: Ricky Lindo

That is correct about Moyer, Free, but when asked at one of the chalk talks about Moyer returning next season, the team seems to believe that he will be pursuing a professional career next season.  


1/15/2021 10:14 am  #66

Re: Ricky Lindo

LSF, that's why I said earlier that what we could really use is Hunter Dean in Chase Paar's body.  Dean is athletic and has the chance to be a solid weakside rim defender but his body type is such that no opponent will ever fear taking the ball aggressively at him.  Paar has the size and bulk to be a defensive stopper in the lane but I'm not sure he truly has the instincts or inclination to become one.  I see him as a gifted player offensively who is more finesse than power.  Noel is an interesting case study in that he appears to have the physical tools but needs a lot more coaching in order to succeed at this level.  Unlike prior GW coaching staffs where one assistant had primary responsibility for the bigs, JC divides the responsibilities according to offense, defense and special teams (transition).  Am hopeful that he gets the specific coaching he needs or that we bring in a third assistant to oversee our big men.  It does seem like many prior GW centers such as Brownie, Yinka, Sasha, and KevLar arrived at GW ready and able to play the position at a fairly high level as freshmen.  Would love to see Noel's game thrive along the lines of these past players.   


1/15/2021 10:52 am  #67

Re: Ricky Lindo

I's adjust that statement to Dean's athleticism wrapped around Chase Paar's skill set.  I think Paar is underrated as a rim defender because he doesn't make highlight reel blocks, but he sets up in the right spot and doesn't swipe down on the ball.  Dean's passion, which come through in his dunks, ends up costing him in terms of fouls when he tries to block shots.  Paar is much more accomplished offensively with back to the basket moves and he even has decent Kenner three point shooting ability which may actually show up in real games at some point.  On the other hand, Paar has a minute cap and, IMO, loses effectiveness if he doesn't get a solid rest every few minutes.


1/15/2021 1:52 pm  #68

Re: Ricky Lindo

Welcome back Ziik (Mr Brian Paul Jenny). We were hoping COVID didn't get to you - heard Winchester was hit pretty hard.

I doubt poor marketing had anything to do with our losing to Hampton, Navy, etc.

However, you did pick a good time to come back to GWHoops. Lindo will certainly be a plus with his experience and attitude. Hopefully it will rub off on some of the others and we can "raise" this sunk ship.

(Portion deleted by BGF, thanks for your understanding)

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1/15/2021 11:36 pm  #69

Re: Ricky Lindo

BP, I am deleting your post, as I have specifically asked everyone on the board to play nice.  For the most part, they have (especially of late).  Not everyone likes it, and they offer occasional semi-jokes about me deleting their posts if I don't agree with them (which I do not do).  If you're going to be on here, you play by the current board's rules.

With that, your post smacks of attacking someone; whether your view is that you have previously been attacked or not, this is now on my watch.  

That being said, this post is about Lindo and Joel Joseph did include his thoughts on him, even though you indicated otherwise.

Finally, I welcome your valuable insight and relevant opinions, and offer continued condolences on the loss of your beloved wife.

Thanks for your understanding.



1/17/2021 11:48 am  #70

Re: Ricky Lindo

BrianPaul,  It looked like Turgeon wanted Lindo to be a dirty-work rebounder/screener in limited minutes. I don't think Lindo wanted to go along with that even if Turgeon started him from time to time. I'm surprised that the Maryland coaches feel that way because it appeared as if they recruited over Lindo immediately. 

Lindo had 6 turnovers in his GW debut which is not good, but everything else from him was excellent..13pts/12rebs/ 5stls/ 1blk!! His potential is off the charts when you look at his size, athleticism, length and could be a decent shooter. Adding a talent like that(an athletic combo forward) gives GW a huge boost.


1/18/2021 12:29 pm  #71

Re: Ricky Lindo

As a freshman, Lindo played behind Bruno Fernando and Jalen Smith, each now an NBA player.  So that was easy to understand.  Ricky still played around 12 minutes a game.  Last season, Fernando was gone, Smith remained, and Ricky's minutes went down despite the apparent opportunity to earn more minutes.  Then, Turgeon convinces a BC player (Hamilton?) who plays Ricky's position to transfer and play right away.  Suffice it to say that the writing was on the wall.

As for Terp fans, how can I put this delicately since I'm friends with quite a few:  They suck.  They bitched and screamed for decades that they had first-rate talent, first-class facilities, etc. but they weren't competing for ACC championships let alone national championships.  Then, Gary finally led them to one and I would say to them that they now had a five year moratorium on complaining about anything to do with the program.  Most laughed at the time, but could not wait a few months before whining about something else.  The definition of Maryland basketball is to not be Duke or UNC basketball without having any idea why you aren't Duke or UNC basketball.  As for Mark Turgeon, he was welcome at first because Gary wasn't even going after the great AAU players (despite winning a national title with the less heralded Dixon, Blake, Baxter, and Wilcox) so surely Turgeon would change all of this.  Instead, he has 1 Sweet 16 appearance so far at Maryland while in his tenth season there.  Am sure the fan base wants him gone but he does have two years left after this season at $2.557 million per (plus incentives).  There is no buyout so terminating him after this season would result in an over $5 million hit, one that I can't imagine Maryland taking at this point in time.


11/05/2021 7:43 am  #72

Re: Ricky Lindo

Great article on Ricky Lindo on  Per the article, he has drown 2 inches since his arrival at GW.  Either late growth spurt or GWs tape measure different that UMd


11/05/2021 10:24 am  #73

Re: Ricky Lindo

One interesting note from the article is that Ricky has grown 2" since coming to GW.  Too bad there's no team composite image on the website to use for comparison.


4/27/2022 11:59 am  #74

Re: Ricky Lindo

Ricky Lindo Jr. will return to GW, source told @Stadium. Averaged 7.7 points this past season. Will definitely help new coach Chris Caputo in his first season.


4/27/2022 12:00 pm  #75

Re: Ricky Lindo

Great news !!!


4/27/2022 12:17 pm  #76

Re: Ricky Lindo

Tremendous news! welcome back Ricky!!


4/27/2022 12:58 pm  #77

Re: Ricky Lindo

If he can get his head clear, he can be so good.  Hopefully Caputo can unlock his best.

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4/27/2022 1:05 pm  #78

Re: Ricky Lindo

That's huge news


4/27/2022 3:00 pm  #79

Re: Ricky Lindo

Glad Ricky could stay.
A good season will make a lot of difference for his professional future.


4/27/2022 3:29 pm  #80

Re: Ricky Lindo

jf wrote:

Glad Ricky could stay.
A good season will make a lot of difference for his professional future.

100%. I'm glad he realized another year in college will benefit him and I'm glad he's choosing to play that additional year in Foggy Bottom.


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