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3/25/2021 10:20 am  #1

My problems with the offical site.

I'm trying to track down why I'm having problems with the official site using Firefox.  First question, does anybody else have problems.  It's possible that it's only me, so I'm checking with others.

The basic problem is that the drop down/up/sideways menus display don't seem to coincide with where the items in the menu actually are and where my cursor needs to be to activate a menu item.  For example, when I go to the opening screen and click on SPORTS, I'm presents with a list of men's and women's sports. OK so far.  When I click on Women's basketball, I'm presented with a gold (Buff) menu bar that has "Schedule Roster Stats etc" on it.
Looks OK except that the gold bar covers part of the blue menu bar.   However when I put my cursor in the gold menu bar and move it over towards the "Stats" menu item the gold bar disappears and and menu pops up covering the gold bar and other things, so I couldn't click on parts of the gold menu item.   I've since discovered that if I go to the bottom of my screen  directly under the "stats" menu item and then slide the cursor straight up towards the stat item, I can see when the stats item becomes highlighted (before my cursor gets to the gold bar and the item) I can click on stats and get results. 
Brian Sereno from the AD's office has been trying to help me, but the website is created by Sidearm Sports not GW so there's a lack of direct communication to see what may be causing the problem.  So again, are there any of you who uses Firefox and if so, do you have problems like this? Russianthistle has been trying to help me, but he has limited time.  
I tried Chrome and it worked fine.  Please don't tell me to switch - I'm not a fan of BIG TECH and Google is one of the big sinners in my book.   Don't you just love mysterious problems?


3/26/2021 9:34 am  #2

Re: My problems with the offical site.

BC, I have to switch around from Firefox, Chrome,  Microsoft Edge and others just to get access to several of my favorites. I agree, it's a pain.   


3/26/2021 1:05 pm  #3

Re: My problems with the offical site.

Thanks TC.

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3/28/2021 12:16 pm  #4

Re: My problems with the offical site.

The official site is frustrating to use but I use Firefox on a Windows platform and have not had the issues you describe. Two suggestions: make sure your Firefox is updated and let the page fully load before starting to click links. 
There are too many dropdowns on the official site and the ads take up so much of the screen that there is little space for content to be viewed (and links clicked through). It is pretty mobile unfriendly, too. I know the conference has a deal with CBS that puts contractural constraints on the SID, but it would really be to the university´s benefit to let students design and run the site as professional practice; it would probably make the site a nice place to visit, too.


3/28/2021 3:58 pm  #5

Re: My problems with the offical site.

Brian Sereno says it's Sidearm Sports that hosts the GW site not CBS unless there's some CBS-Sidearm link.  I agree with all your points GWAA.   I'll have to look further for my problem.  I'm a pretty vanilla user so it's hard for me to imagine what peculiar about my system.  Thanks for your input.

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