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4/22/2021 9:59 am  #1

What if DC becomes a State?

If DC became a State what impact would this have on the Colleges and Universities in DC?  I suppose this has been discussed before but now that this is Big News again what will happen to GW, GU, and AU? Will there be any Federal land left?  Does the State of Maryland  have a say since the land did belong to Maryland (Virginia reclaimed their share a long time ago). 


4/22/2021 2:16 pm  #2

Re: What if DC becomes a State?

Many states house federal land.
Many states have private universities.
Has West Virginia had to give Virginia a say since its land once belonged to Virginia? Or the parts of the Texas Republic now are now parts of other states? Have the First Nations ever been given much say over how their former territories are managed?
With statehood, DC would get Congressional representation and budget autonomy. Maybe even one of those conmemorative quarters, too.

A better question is: how can we get it in to law that the only people allowed to represent the new state of DC in Congress be either GW grads or faculty?

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4/22/2021 4:57 pm  #3

Re: What if DC becomes a State?

GWAA for president!


4/23/2021 4:18 pm  #4

Re: What if DC becomes a State?

BC wrote:

GWAA for president!

I promise that if elected I will staunchly defend your 21st Amendment rights from the radical extremists attempting to ruin all that the country holds sacred.
And I will not rest until the Constitution is amended to ensure that only graduates of GW can hold elected office (at all levels, not just Federal offices).
And I will place the campus of That School Down the Street under EPA SuperFund administration in the interest of public safety. No one gets in, and no one who has been there will be allowed to walk freely in society-at-large.

Other than that, I am not planning on having any other policy positions...


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