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7/22/2019 9:13 pm  #1

Free Service vs. Paid Site

Folks, just an FYI about the site.  When I set this up, I did so using their no-cost option.  They also have a $13.99/mo. premium service, but the only difference is the elimination of ads (or so it seems).  All of the features appear to be the same.

Right now I don't see any ads, but I imagine they'll start appearing.  If it bothers anyone to the point of serious irritation, I'll set-up an optional payment through PayPal and if we collect enough then I would go with the paid option.  However, that is not my desire.  A few ads won't kill us.  

Just wanted you to know.  




7/23/2019 9:37 pm  #2

Re: Free Service vs. Paid Site

I'd be glad to help pay for the no-ad option.  (Thank you for doing this site!!!)


7/24/2019 8:54 pm  #3

Re: Free Service vs. Paid Site

Me too


7/24/2019 9:24 pm  #4

Re: Free Service vs. Paid Site

Sons of Liberty wrote:

I'd be glad to help pay for the no-ad option.  (Thank you for doing this site!!!)

I've sent a message to BoardHost asking them to provide me with a full listing of what the upgrade options are.  With this now becoming the only GW message board (not something I expected just three days ago when I set it up), I think it will be worth looking at the benefits.

Among the things I know about is the ability for board users to send direct (private) messages to each other (the way that I can as the administrator).  Each member would have their own box with 1000 message storage capacity.  Also, the elimination of any advertising that may be put on our site.  

Ideally, and this is the biggest thing, I think we need to see if we can get use of the web domain from Herve, but I have no way of reaching him.  I looked online and I can get (no 'm" for $2 for year one and $35 for each additional year.  Not worried about the cost too much, but the bigger issue is will people be able to find us without Herve re-directing to this site.


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