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8/03/2021 5:46 pm  #1

Non-conference schedule out!

Follow the link. Oddities include a trip all the way to Prince´s hometown for a single game, a home game against "West Chester" (did not know it was a school-- always assumed it was just a Beastie Boys line-- could this be an exhibition even though it comes in late December?) and four straight games against local rivals (JMU, UVa, That School Down the Street and Howard). Plus a trip to Puerto Rico for a tournament.


8/03/2021 6:14 pm  #2

Re: Non-conference schedule out!

Minnesota trip accommodates Loder and Haydon. Puerto Rico tourney takes Laureano home. ODU close for Ojo and Brown. Like this schedule a lot though AU is a tough first game for a totally revamped team. Look for big improvement in their style of play and W-L record.


8/04/2021 3:44 pm  #3

Re: Non-conference schedule out!

BrianPaul wrote:

The women's team has bigger balls in scheduling than the men's.  Too bad.  No surprise. 

A team can't win big if it does not play big. 

Apples to Oranges. Top women's programs other than a few aren't giving up huge attendance revenue by scheduling games in smaller arenas or against certain opponents. Women's scheduling has always had more flexibility due to less tv exposure, less attendance and less overall revenues.


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