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8/09/2021 2:00 pm  #21

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

Clearly I am failing in my role, Dude.  Like I said in my other post, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.  

That being said, publicly, I'll tell Skittles right here, quit the insults.  And everyone else.  You don't have to like each other, but Dude is entitled to his opinion on the subject.  You are too.  You're not entitled to call someone a moron, or worse.  Nor should you make light of people who ride the proverbial short bus.  It's a sore subject with me and I expect it to stop.



8/09/2021 2:09 pm  #22

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

Even someone casually scrolling the threads has seen a barrage of personal insults, all in one direction, to two guys, from the same source.  over and over, month after month, year after year. As someone else said its part of a systematic effort to drive away "dissent"

It will continue, if there is no ramification. Tisk tisk doesn't seem to suffice.

Being The Admin is a thankless job.  It would be a lot easier if there were ramifications for that.

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8/09/2021 2:29 pm  #23

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

The Dude, please stop the trolling and the repetitive nature of your posts and there will be no least from me.


8/09/2021 2:41 pm  #24

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

GWMayhem, a quick question (asking for a friend...)  

But seriously, would you define trolling for me? 

I very often don't agree with Dude's opinions, but he's entitled to them.  For me, a troll is someone whose sole aim is to make others feel bad about, well, anything.  I am personally sick and tired of the comments on this board about the past.  It's over.  But if the comment is relevant to the conversation, that's not trolling. And I allow that for sure.

I also think that when anyone references other users by their previous board user names or even their actual real name, or a name like 'moron,' well, that's trolling. 

So, Mayhem, would you agree that a well thought out opinion, whether popular or not, isn't trolling?  And all this other bullshit should just stop (from everyone)?


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8/09/2021 3:24 pm  #25

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

The real problem is using a parade of names to attack someone's views he dislikes. There are names that only exist to attack the same 2 people.  Used to be more people but they were chased away, which he admitted was the point of why he's doing it.   

I'd call him The MV or whatever new name he's using now but that wouldn't address that issue. 

There was nothing trolling at all about the thread, I wish Mike Jarvis HAD stayed at GW, for him, for us as fans, for GW.  and if JC is as succcessful, I'd hope he would consider staying as I genuinely believe it is a better idea than moving up a step for more $, short term.  

It doesn't matter the topic or the thread, he's been doing that to Brian Paul, to me, and to the half dozen or more people he chased off the board.  

Pretty easy to enforce, if it happens the name needs to go.  If you cant post on a GW fan site without the insults you're the problem.  


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8/09/2021 3:53 pm  #26

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

Hi BGF (purposefully not using your real name):

I'll define trolling as the following:

Making posts that are either designed on their own to purposefully agitate or gain a negative reaction from others, or are expressed in such a way as to purposefully agitate or gain a negative reaction from others.

This has nothing to do with any of The Dude's opinions.  It has everything to do with the repetitive nature of expressing these opinions.  There is nobody who comes to this site even semi-regularly who does not know The Dude's views on Lonergan's alleged abuse of players, Tom Crean, Shaka Smart, Mark Few and Gonzaga, Paul Jorgensen, Jordan Roland, Lonergan's recruiting since Sutton and Strickland left the program, URI's recruiting (though not so much lately), etc.  Nevertheless, The Dude has frequently inserted these opinions again and again (and again) for seemingly no other reason than to be purposefully annoying.  Then, when someone has had enough of his antics (primarily me), he starts crying to you about it.  It's ridiculous in every sense of that word.

I'll also add that I do find it hard to believe that The Dude himself believes some of his own opinions.  I think he'll post an unpopular opinion, get criticized, and then double down again and again.  It's a very passive-aggressive move and without stealing GW69's thunder, I think he gets off on being passive-aggressive.  When you stop and think about it, aside from BrianPaul,  how many other posters seem to come to his defense with many of his opinions?  This was less of a problem on the old site where he could agree with himself 20 different times under 20 different names, but his lack of support is a bit more transparent here.

Trolling, as you suggest, is also referring to someone by a former poster name, something that both The Dude and BrianPaul are fond of doing.  I have not called either by their former names.  And, it's also making erroneous accusations at someone's expense, something which started on the old board with BP and does not warrant rehashing here.

To answer your question, of course a well thought out opinion that I happen to be in disagreement with is not the act of a troll.  I'll line up some posters off the top of my head...GWRising, Free Quebec, Long Suffering Fan...all posters who I have disagreed with in the past (from an occasional issue to many issues) who I have much respect for.  The notion that I wish to drive off anyone whose opinions I disagree with is patently absurd.  

Given my druthers, there are only two posters here who if it were up to me, would not be posting here.  One has falsely accused me again and again of making some heinous statements which never came from me.  (This admittedly took place on the old board but the fact is he is downright nasty to me even today so why would I want him on this site.)  The other has been going out of his way to be purposefully annoying and needlessly repetitive, in what appears to be an attempt to sabotage this board.  In other words, behaving like a troll.

Finally, of course all of this bullshit should stop.  But since I am the one who is reacting to The Dude's behavior, I would say that this has to start with him.  Simply put, stop behaving like a troll and then I'd have absolutely zero reason to criticize him for being one.  So far, I have seen zero evidence that he can or wants to change.  Maybe this will be a breakthrough.  The ball's in his court as far as I'm concerned.    



8/09/2021 5:23 pm  #27

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

I would add to what Gwmayhem said. Gwmayhem and I have had our disagreements but we post them out and then move on. I can't remember trying bring up things here that were said 3-5-10 years ago. All irrelevant in my mind to what is happening today..

But I have to agree with what he is saying here. There is no question that the Dude knows the ML situation is a lightning rod. No one thinks he is stupid. People here have strong opinions about it. The repetitive posts in unrelated topics as his attempt at every turn to weave in ML is a deliberate attempt to annoy or anger those who he knows disagree with what occurred. It's almost as if I were to see you Barry and say "Hi Barry how are you?" And you respond with "ML is a ________." Go back and read through the many threads where Gwmayhem attempted to discuss individual players on the current team and the Dude hijacks the thread off-topic with something about ML.

But that's just one example. The Dude is now claiming victim status here when his other constant retort is that there are very few posters on this board and all of those who disagree with his opinion must be one and the same person. Both of these are demonstrably untrue. If the Dude were so inclined to make a healthy donation to GW Athletics say of the 4 to 5 figure range, I'd bet Gwmayhem and I would be willing to prove that we are not one and the same. I'd do it for free just to end this absurdity but I'd like to see GW benefit since it's been victimized by this crap for years on its message boards. Perhaps Barry you could arrange it if Gwmayhem were also so willing (i can't speak for him obviously). Then at least someone would benefit from all this nonsense.

Finally, we have the hundreds of posts about Mark Few. We get it Dude, you think the guy is a great coach. Fine. I agree. Maybe not America's Greatest Coach but certainly in the top 10% of his profession. We also get that GW has had way less success than Gonzaga. But if you want to constantly talk about Gonzaga why not go to their message board? I am certain you will find many more relevant posts and discussions. Here we are about GW and Gonzaga's success or failure has no relation to GW. We are not in the same conference, we don't play each other, our programs are on vastly different trajectories at this point. So why the constant need to interject Mark Few into about every other thread? Again, this is just another example of the constant annoying posts made in repetitive fashion completely designed to annoy and anger. .

So in sum it's not necessarily the opinions the Dude holds but rather the fact that he uses them like a sword to constantly agitate those who either don't agree or are so tired of the repetition of subjects that became tired long ago. 

So I will leave you with this Barry ....

An internet troll, or online bully, deliberately tries to offend, cause trouble or directly attack people by posting derogatory comments on Facebook posts, blogs, under YouTube videos, on forums and other social media, such as Twitter and Instagram.

I think the Dude fits this definition to a T.




8/09/2021 8:40 pm  #28

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

I'm actually glad this conversation is happening.  Don't kid yourself, I'm going to close it soon enough when it goes to hell, but I believe it's healthy to lay out in no uncertain terms what the problem is.  I fully expect this will become horribly negative and I'll regret this, but my Joan Baez "Kumbaya" meets War's "Why Can't We Be Friends?" mentality is this is healthy.

The one thing I've never heard here, from anyone involved, are the words, "Sorry for what I did in the past," and "let's move past our past issues."  I'd love to see those said, privately or publicly.  I know I'm kidding myself, but this board CAN be so much more than it is.  I don't like making threats, because I really don't want to act on them.  But I will make this one...:  I am not afraid to start a new board and kill this one, allowing only people on whose names are known to all.  No anonymity.  By the time we get to the basketball season, this board has to be better than it's been.

Thanks for letting me rant in my own way (not that you have a choice).

Oh yeah...#RaiseHigh.


8/09/2021 9:21 pm  #29

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

I'm not sorry for defending an innocent man and I will never apologize once for doing so and will continue to do so because I know the truth. That's all I've got to say. It's telling that I'm constantly bashed for it. I will apologize for the short bus jokes Barry. It was wrong to do so.


8/09/2021 9:26 pm  #30

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

Thanks, Skittles.  I accept that apology.  As for the other stuff, I have no reason to be upset for you defending something you believe in, provided there aren't personal attacks against other board members for expressing their opinions.  That's all I ask.


8/09/2021 10:50 pm  #31

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

Lets have a real moment here, a poster, "Mayhem" said he was trying to drive away a board member.  Then, a series of new names that do nothing else but launch personal attacks, began to attack that member, on a general conversation thread.  He's been doing that for years, and years.

Two years ago he said the same thing about Brian Paul, and a series of "new names" began to launch vile attacks on him, ultimately leading to the cessation of that board.

The Admin this time has the ability to put an end to it. There's no ambiguity, no "both sides"

The attacks are one sided, and they are purposeful and transparent. There's very little activity, as usual, 8 people, 7 of them new didn't decide to spend their August attacking one poster, on behalf of some other poster name.

Lets just be real about it, and, please do something about it. There is no "both sides" to this. 


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8/09/2021 11:00 pm  #32

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

Dude, there will never be a productive board here, one for which the rest of us want to be a part, until you and others look forward, not back.  Whether you believe you are part of the problem, you are unless you move on.  


8/10/2021 6:53 am  #33

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

Louis Pheeters as the town drunk?  I was a big Gunsmoke fan, but admittedly I had to look that one up.  Why not use a town drunk that we have all heard of, such as Otis Campbell?


8/10/2021 8:33 am  #34

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

Dude, maybe you could open your mind to consider this possibility.  Maybe, I am not posting under multiple names as you continue to allege, but maybe what's really happening is that others are tired of your very grating act and are coming forward to expressing their displeasure with you.  Is this even a possibility in your mind?

This all seems very simple to me.  I have said, on multiple occasions, that all you have to do is put an end to the trolling which would leave me with nothing to criticize about you.  And yet, you seem to be unable or unwilling to agree to this.

Is it because you're incapable of controlling yourself?
Is it because you're not willing to stop acting like a troll?

It would be so easy to just do this for the sake of the board.  

I'll tell you one thing....sending me disparaging private messages here is absolutely not the right way to go.  I guess when BGF starts removing your disparaging public posts at my expense, as he did late yesterday, you turn to sending me disparaging private ones.    


8/10/2021 9:16 am  #35

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

BGF, I'll also add that by my saying that if The Dude agrees to no longer troll, then I will agree not to criticize him, that is a roundabout way of suggesting that I am willing to leave the past in the past and move forward.  I know this sounds self-serving but this really is up to him.  What I am guilty of doing is reacting to his bad behavior.  If the bad behavior ceases, then I don't have anything negative to react to.

I am also not only talking about the blatant attempts.  On the thread under the subject of whether successful A10 coaches should remain where they are rather than move to major programs,  On the surface, this is a perfectly viable question.  However, The Dude mentioned Shaka Smart 4 times within his first 5 posts.  This is being done to agitate.   Everyone here knows that The Dude believes Shaka made a terrible mistake by leaving VCU despite the fact that he made more money per season at Texas, sent more players to the NBA while at Texas, won the 2021 Big 12 Championship at Texas, and actually had a respectable record at Texas despite not living up to the oversized expectations of that school's fan base.

There is never a need to bring up Shaka's name here ever again.  The Dude is not going to convince anyone to change their opinion about Shaka.  The Dude's opinion of Shaka will never change.  And, yet, he does it again and again.  Why?  Because that's what a troll does.  Just one of many examples where he makes his repetitive and tiresome claims again and again, for no other real reason but to piss people off and get a negative reaction out of them.

This is precisely what needs to stop.  It's really up to him.


8/10/2021 11:24 am  #36

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

Barry, since you are taking requests and acting as "Marshal Dillon" to resolve all of BP's problems, here are a few of mine:

There's a poster among us who is allowing his leaves to blow into my yard and get into my pool. He often parks his car in front of my house and taking up my spot. He gives me dirty looks and angrily waves his cane at me whenever he see's me. He continues to blast the theme song to Gilligan's Island late at night. The whole neighborhood can't stand him but the police refuse to do anything. You have the power to make things right Barry. Please let him know if this continues you will ban him forever from reaching the multitudes on this site.

Raise High!


8/10/2021 1:11 pm  #37

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

I give up.

Moving this thread to Rewind, where you can argue with each other and not poison my interest in real GW basketball news (when such news actually occurs).


8/10/2021 1:30 pm  #38

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

You two continue to prove my point.  I guess you really don't want a site to discuss GW basketball.  Why else would you push BGF like this?

Do you feel you're winning the hearts and minds of this board?  If so, how come nobody and I mean nobody comes to your defense?  People are tired of this shit.  Just grow up and stop it.  


8/10/2021 1:49 pm  #39

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

How sad for you.  You don't even know, do you?

Am done with this conversation.  Figure it out.  I've said it more than once've backed the wrong horse.  As they say, that's what makes horse races.  


8/10/2021 2:12 pm  #40

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

Gwmayhem, it's like the old Washington Post commercial ... If you don't get it, you don't get it.

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