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8/10/2021 2:35 pm  #41

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

Mailvan spent 24 straight months pushing for ML to be fired, talk about backing the wrong horse.

He's spent 15 years attacking and driving away posters.  He said that was his goal, yesterday.  15 years ago he was attacking Brian about tee shirts, its a never-ending issue.  For years he declared he was the self described his words "board a-hole"   Duh.


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8/10/2021 2:38 pm  #42

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

Exactly GWRising.

BP, not to worry.  I have had several conversations with BGF and can assure you that I have nothing but the utmost respect for him.  While I can't speak for him, I very much believe the feeling is mutual.

Interestingly, BGF and I both want the very same thing for this board.  The person who you seem fond of defending, doers not appear to want the same things.  He would rather troll and continues to do so despite my asking him to please stop for the sake of the board,  a notion you seem to take great pleasure in mocking.  It appears to me that you too are not at all interested in the greater good here, which is to put an end to all of the trolling and angry bickering.  I suspect you derive much pleasure from the bickering, probably why nothing you write here would seem to support the fact that you would like it to stop, unlike the vast majority of posters here.

Incidentally, there's no reason for you to act nasty towards me.  I get it.  It's every bit as mutual.


8/10/2021 2:40 pm  #43

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

I called myself an a-hole Dude?  Am very confident you misunderstood that one.


8/10/2021 3:54 pm  #44

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

Eh,  hard to believe that could be true,  when it was proven you were posting for years, endlessly, hour after hour as your exact opposite persona, nemesis.  


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8/10/2021 4:06 pm  #45

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

This is quite perfect for a single thread in Rewind.
How about we air any real and or imagined personal grievances in just this one thread and leave the others alone?
Whatever venting needs to be done can be here and no need to change the board structure to respond to any allegations. Enjoy.
Seems like a real win-win, as a bonus, words that haven't been used in reference to GW basketball in years.


8/10/2021 4:07 pm  #46

Re: Best Recruiters in GW History

It's just one lie after the other with you Dude.  By all means, please continue.  Given the credibility you have on this site, I am not overly concerned with correcting you each and every time.  Unlike you, I have a  business to run.  Take solace in the fact that you have a true believer in BP.  Never have two people deserved one another more.


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