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9/28/2021 10:37 am  #1

Leadership Council

The team has named Amir Harris, James Bishop and Brendan Adams to its leadership council.  These are very effective when all players and coaches fully buy-in.  If a player has an issue that they don't feel comfortable taking directly to the coaching staff, they can instead confide in a member of the Council who will then offer advice and/or take it up with the coaches on the player's behalf.  I do not know this for a fact but there is a strong likelihood that the players voted on these three players.  Each is an interesting choice for a variety of reasons:

Amir is actually the longest tenured player associated with the program even though he has only appeared in a handful of games.  It's great to see that he has garnered the respect of his teammates despite having played so little due to injury.  I love the fact that he remains determined to make his mark as a Colonial, and being named to the Council serves to magnify this commitment.

James has at times here gotten a bad rap because despite his obvious talent, he has had to learn to be an adept decision-maker as the team's point guard while essentially learning on the fly.  It is gratifying to know that James is someone who his teammates can count on off-the-court.  As I have said, I felt his decision-making did improve over the course of last season and hope this will continue.

Brendan has been discussed here as a high quality individual from an exceptional family (this comes to me courtesy of one of his teachers growing up in the Baltimore area) and this can only be reinforced by his being named to the Leadership Council.  The fact that he would earn this honor despite having just transferred to GW speaks volumes about Brendan.

Congratulations to Amir, James and Brendan. 


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