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4/18/2022 10:25 am  #1


GWHoops Community, please read.  I'm going to make this a sticky that everyone sees when they get on the board, and I'm going to disallow comments.  They're unnecessary. 

It is no secret that we have had issues between board members here, and especially on the original Herve GWHoops board (may it rest in peace).  It is also no secret that I care little about what happened in the past and rather I focus on everything that happens now and moving forward.

While I do not like calling anyone out for any reason, I think it's important to address the ongoing "discussion" related to attacks, and trolls, and such.  The Dude, Mayhem, and other board members, may not be to your taste, but I staunchly defend their right to post anything that is not offensive or a personal attack. 

You may find posts that reference Mike Lonergan and Patrick Nero to be irrelevant and non-newsworthy in today's world, but I also believe that board members have the right to post about these when they do not include unproved rumors as facts.  I know I don't read those posts anymore, because I've moved on.

You may find posts about Mark Few, or the best GW player discussion to be boring or irrelevant, but the board members have the right to post about these.

And here's the key point:  YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO IGNORE THESE, TO NOT RESPOND, TO MOVE ON TO SOMETHING ELSE.  We're adults.  We have the ability to not engage in attacks and name calling just because we don't like something or don't care about it.  

Of late, the Dude has been taking a lot of verbal punishment on here, for posting discussions and comments that are not deserving of that scorn.  And some would say he has brought this on himself from past posts and actions.  They would say that he has gone too far, and he deserves what is being dished out, that he directly engages other board members in a confrontational way and even privately attacks them.  And both sides would likely be right.

The reality for me is that the rest of us just want it to stop.  We don't want to watch the Dude's attackers push him to the brink where he feels he must defend himself.  And we don't want to watch the Dude goad the other board members.  I compare this situation to the parable of which came first, the Chicken or the Egg.  In the end, it doesn't really matter.  They're both here, and both (in this situation) can be barred from taking part in board activities.

My objective here is this:
1. To Dude, Mayhem, and all the others who engage in this, just stop.  
2. To all, if you don't like or care about something, ignore it.
3. If you wouldn't say something to someone's face, or more so you wouldn't want it said to you, then don't say it.

If I didn't single you out, and there are many of you, it doesn't mean this doesn't apply to you.  It most certainly does.  I hate to bar anyone, because every GW fan should be able to take part in this community.  But it doesn't mean I won't.

So, yesterday is gone.  I propose a new start for the tone of this board.  I encourage to the greatest degree possible that if you are offended, or feel contempt, or even full-on hatred for another board member, that you stop and start over.  Be a fan, but don't be a troll.  Attack a topic with good arguments or thoughts, but don't be hateful or evil while doing it.

From the 95% of us who stay quiet as you try to ruin this board, please.  Just please.

That is all.


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