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4/21/2022 9:18 am  #1

Recent Assistant Coach Carousel

Say what you want about the program the last few years - but GW has been churning out quality coaches

Former Assistant Ganiyat Adeduntan - head coach at Colgate
Former Assistant Diane Richardson - head coach at Towson, and now head coach at Temple
Former Assistant Zach Kunchar - associate HC at Towson, interim HC at Towson, associate HC at Temple
Former Assistant Laura Harper - head coach at Coppin State, now head coach at Towson
Former Assistant Megan Duffy - head coach at Marquette
Former Assistant Coach Bill Ferrera - associate head coach at Florida State
Former Assistant Melissa Dunne - associate head coach at St Joes
Former Assistant Gabe Lazo - assistant coach at Mississippi State

i'm sure i'm missing some, but nice representation at a nice mix of schools. 


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