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8/02/2022 12:35 pm  #1

Soccer (Fall 2022)

Both the men's ( and women's ( soccer teams revealed their fall schedules last week.

The women begin their season about a week earlier than the men (they reported to campus on Monday). After playing a tough non-conference schedule that included two P5 schools last year and struggling with it, they're dialing it down a little bit this year. Most non-conference games are local. They avoid St Louis this year and get Loyola Chicago and UMass at home.

On the men's side, their schedule is filled with some return games with schools they played last year (Navy, JMU, William & Mary, Columbia). Navy and JMU both flirted with being nationally ranked last year and the men will visit both in September. Toughest stretch of the schedule is undoubtedly a 10 day period where the team plays at St Bonaventure, St Louis (who were a win away from the Final 4 last year), and Duke (who fell to SLU in the NCAA Tournament last year).


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