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8/11/2022 1:52 pm  #221

Re: Recruit: Tafara Gapare, Forward, 2022 - (Committed to Massachusetts)

GW Alum Abroad wrote:

GWRising wrote:

I do think Admissions made it very difficult on the kid though more difficult than it needed to be. I don't think he was 100% ready for GW but he shouldn't be able to be admitted to another school in the conference and not GW. Two separate issues.

GW is NOT in an athletic conference with academic peer schools. I do not want GW´s admissions office to hold potential students to the same standards that URI, umASS or VCU hold their students to (even if they can drop a double-double on ranked opponents).
If you want to cheer for clodheaded jocks, College Park CC has tickets available most nights. The day we let highly-paid, shoe company-sponsored coaches choose who gains admission to The George Washington University instead of (allegedly) trained academic professionals is the day our very expensive diplomas become very expensive toilet paper.

Let's not get carried away with the elitism GWAA. GW is a solid academic school - it's not an Ivy ... it's not even as good as some of the D3s out there. In certain areas UMD is every bit as strong if not stronger. You can't complain about not being competitive in the A-10 but then exclude maybe half the available population of prospective players because you want to maintain some notion (real or imagined) that GW is some sort of elite academic institution. If the conference doesn't fit, then change conferences. But when in Rome do like the Romans. Otherwise, you are cutting your own throat.

Further, even Duke lets in bare qualifiers - FACTS. Harvard has taken some questionable academic kids. We have taken several questionable academic kids before and it has paid off for us. If you qualify, you should be able to play at GW. I'm more interested in the character of the kids we recruit. As long as that is solid I say give kids a chance. They will rise to the occasion. Omar Williams and Shawnta Rogers are two that I am glad we didn't turn away. They were and are a credit to the GW community. Today, they would be at UMass, VCU or some other A-10 school.

Finally, where are all these highly paid shoe-sponsored coaches lol. Where can I get one of those jobs?


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