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10/21/2022 2:16 pm  #21

Re: The First HS Recruit of the CC Era, Trey Autry

The last thing I want to do is start counting the chickens before they've hatched.  However, if we can assume this report turns out to be true (well, it is a true report...whether these two other players verbally commit or not, I believe that there are two more players who atre very close), it's worth spelling out that this is what needs to be done, and this is exactly how it gets done, under these circumstances.  

What these circumstances are can be described as new coach with lots of playing time to offer, which is assuredly the case after this season.  Just like Hobbs and Lonergan before him, CC must hope to bring in a solid nucleus of newcomers, hopefully the majority coming from the high school and prep school ranks.  They will learn to play together and grow as a team, just like the Pops-Mike-Omar-Carl-JR-Reece and Zeke-Pato-Joe-Kevin-Kethan-Creek two year classes did.  

And then....listen up everyone....recruiting will take a hit.  With fewer open spots and fewer minutes to offer, fewer high caliber players will want to sit for a year let alone two as they play behind next year's class.  If CC can attract 1-2 solid players during these seasons, that would be a win.  Right now, he needs 4-5 and is apparently well on his way.  

Let's all try to remember this.


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