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10/25/2022 11:20 am  #1

The Annual Minute Distribution Thread

With all due respect to Laziz, Jabari and Theofanis, I am going to consider an 11 man playing rotation which sounds large and will likely get trimmed as the season unfolds.  This exercise is admittedly comprised of hunches along with historical data.  In order, here is how I see it (for the moment):

Bishop                34 minutes
Lindo                  29
Adams                28
Edwards             25
Dean                   17
Samuels              15
Clark                    12
Harris                   12
Harvey                  11
Brown                   10
Nixon                      7

What can change this:

a) Amir is completely healthy and productive.  His minutes can easily double if this is the case.
b) Daniel Nixon is a great talent that we just didn't get to see last year for whatever the reason.
c) Am being conservative on Max's minutes thinking that CC and staff will want to bring him along more slowly than I would like.  Of course, Max's health enters into this as well.  

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