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10/27/2022 7:22 pm  #1

GW 2022/23 Win Total

We were pretty bad last year, 12 wins, and then lost Brayon Freeman and JoeBam, without adding much. 

Much better in the A10 play, 8-9, but nevertheless, 12-18 season overall.    

What's a realistic win total expectation, given this roster this year?    



10/27/2022 8:15 pm  #2

Re: GW 2022/23 Win Total

I think 8-5 in the non-conference, 6-12 in conference for a 14-17 season is probably a reasonable expectation. Better is great, worse is some cause for concern.


10/27/2022 8:18 pm  #3

Re: GW 2022/23 Win Total

I'd be content to end Year 1 in a range of 14-17 on the low end (8-5 OOC, 6-12 conference) to 18-13 on the high end (10-3 OOC, 8-10 conference).  For the OOC, I'm almost expecting losing one of Hofstra/Radford (just because they're road games), South Carolina, and then 1-2 games in Hawaii.  Remember, ML lost to Youngstown State AT HOME (and also, fwiw, JC's MSM team) early in his tenure.

I think the A10 has gotten stronger since last year.  I just don't see a way we end up over .500 this season given our unbalanced roster.   Our OOC is so freaking weak we really can't be losing like we have been the last few seasons.  I am very interested to see how CC has prepared this team to play.  We all know JC treated the early OOC like we were an NEC team.

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