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11/30/2022 11:10 pm  #41

Re: GW vs South Carolina Game Thread

"Miracle on 22nd Street" should be the title of an article in the WAPO after tonight's win !


11/30/2022 11:21 pm  #42

Re: GW vs South Carolina Game Thread

I expected the worse. What a fun night.


11/30/2022 11:22 pm  #43

Re: GW vs South Carolina Game Thread

That was a fun, impressive, surprising performance. With that said, USC isn't very good. George Mason is the closest A10 team in KenPom (coming into the night) and we should calibrate reaction accordingly. But I would not have expected this team to have a 30 point lead against any D1 school this year, and I think CC within a month of his first season has given me confidence we'll be high-level A10 program again sooner rather than later.


11/30/2022 11:51 pm  #44

Re: GW vs South Carolina Game Thread

We just absolutely smoked an SEC team with a lottery pick and we are nitpicking?  Can we enjoy an impressive victory for once or will we continue this defeatist, victim attitude forever?


12/01/2022 12:17 am  #45

Re: GW vs South Carolina Game Thread

Alum1 wrote:

What a difference a good teaching coach makes. This guy has righted the ship way more quickly than I would have thought. Guys seem to be really having fun out there. I know this is one game and there will be peaks and valleys, but it’s good to see COMPETENCE back on campus.

Hard time processing this. Planned on a close GW win, but even that was with a grain of salt.
Took a picture of the scoreboard in case we were dreaming.
Don't know if first 8 players in South Carolina rotation had the flu, but this is truly a crazy result.
It wasn't even as close as the lopsided score indicates.
Well, it's only one game. But CC sure had the team up for it.
He gets a lot of credit for doing this in his 7th game--and game planning. And smart subs in and
Kudos to the players. Everyone played their hearts out. 50-50 balls and loose balls were largely us.
Students were really electric in their support.
 Great win all around. Let's not suffer a letdown and keep it up. 


12/01/2022 12:41 am  #46

Re: GW vs South Carolina Game Thread

GWAlum2001 wrote:

We just absolutely smoked an SEC team with a lottery pick and we are nitpicking? Can we enjoy an impressive victory for once or will we continue this defeatist, victim attitude forever?

Look, I enjoyed it and was impressed. It was basically rated a toss-up going in and we blew them out. It might've been the best performance by a GW team in 5 years regardless of the opponent. But USC is the worst team in the SEC, and it's not even close! In KenPom right now, they're surrounded by the likes of Wright St., San Diego, Penn, and Gardner Webb.

Impressive performance? Yes. Feeling more optimistic about the program than I've felt in years? Yes. Miracle on 22nd Street? No.



12/01/2022 1:16 am  #47

Re: GW vs South Carolina Game Thread

Its been many years since I enjoyed a GW game as much as tonight's game.  Yes, there are some major holes in GW's roster, but a shout out has to go to Coach Chrisitan for landing players such as Bishop, Lindo and Adams, even though it may have taken a coaching change to bring out the best of them.  These are 3 very solid players and I am already dreading losing them for next season.  But not to diminish the win in any manner... At the pregame dinner, the assistant who spoke with us indicated that South Carolina was not a good shooting team.  A very good scouting report...they were horrible.    Per KenPom, our stregnth of schedule is 357...and this very well may have been the weakest opponant we played.  GW has now cracked the 200 mark, ranked 190 now by Ken Pom.  Baby steps, but in the right direction.  Fear a letdown coming up on the road vs. Radford.  FWIW...GW is now shooting 50% from the field through 7 games.  Hunter Dean is shooting an insane 22-26 (84.6%) for the season, with no shot further than a layup.  Crowd was loud and student section wasoverflowing, but the crowdwas announced at only 2216.  


12/01/2022 1:26 am  #48

Re: GW vs South Carolina Game Thread

As much fun as we had as fans, it was great to see how much fun the team had playing, no one more so than James Bishop

He had more smiles tonight than I've seen in 3 years here, a tough burden he's had, forced to carry the offensive load, his first half both as a playmaker and scorer was outstanding.  A lot of guys can pass a lot, a lo of guy can score, doing both seamlessly, something he pulls off on occassion is a high art.

He earned the smiles, they all did tonight.   

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12/01/2022 2:25 am  #49

Re: GW vs South Carolina Game Thread

I can’t believe I had to miss this game.  Recorded it and managed not to hear anything about the game before I watched it in my hotel room. Holy crap was that fun. 

We looked amazing and as others have said, they were having fun.  South Carolina looked dreadful, especially in D, but we ran out offense beautifully for most of the game and Bishop and Adams looked like high quality experienced guards who can compete with most anyone.  They said during the broadcast that they are the second highest scoring duo in the country right now.

I’m so impressed with the leap Adams has made this year. He is seems to have a much more clearly defined role this season and seems to be responding to the more structured, disciplined, ball sharing offensive approach.  Glad to see it.

I realize our SOS is very weak, but we are currently 9th in the nation in 2pt percentage - we were 264 last year.  What a difference in offensive approach.

We are also now 190 in KenPom, which is higher than we ever got under JC (we topped at 197 after the MD loss last year before dropping - though as someone said, credit to JC for most of these strong transfers). The last time we were 190 was before the final game of MoJo’s second year. 

Anyway, that was tremendous.  Great job all around.  And students looked and sounded great on TV


12/01/2022 8:03 am  #50

Re: GW vs South Carolina Game Thread

Ok explain to me why, unlike this game, they NEVER run or fast break? Is SC really that awful?


12/01/2022 8:26 am  #51

Re: GW vs South Carolina Game Thread

Maybe SC is not very good, but THAT was just fun to watch!!   Great win, after watching a few years of opportunities like that being missed. New coach new attitude seems to be real this time, and after this game there are enough things for coach to look at it work on.  Is it the beginning of a new era?  Maybe, I hope.  But it will certainly be entertaining to watch.


12/01/2022 8:49 am  #52

Re: GW vs South Carolina Game Thread

Fred, we’ve been running a lot more this years.  Caputo clearly wants them to get in transition whenever we can.

Jersey Guy, South Carolina is not as bad as they looked last night. Remember. They’ve already beaten a solid Clemson team this year.

It was a bit of a perfect storm for us.  USC was off their game last night - but I also think some of the credit is just how focused and energetic we were.  We forced them to take some tough shots early and they weren’t hitting them, which I think took them out of their game.  And on the other end, we ran our offense with so much energy that we made them look slow and clueless.  It was their first road game, and they almost looked shell shocked at the way we came out so strong and didn’t let up.  They’ll obviously struggle in the SEC, but they will pull off some upsets this year. 

The best is that how many times have we been on the other end of this?  Going on the road and facing a team (usually a BCS team) that comes out aggressive and sharp, and we find ourselves down 20+ in the first half.  It’s hard to get out of your head when that happens and USC just never really got anything going except a couple stretches where we missed open 3s against their 1-3-1.


12/01/2022 8:53 am  #53

Re: GW vs South Carolina Game Thread

My first game of the year, and what a game it was.  As observed during previous games seen on TV, there is good coaching and discipline, and we ran more plays last night than all of last year!!  I also love the Jarvis-like interaction with the student community (as someone previously posted).  

Also, I was very excited when JC brought in the transfers, but very down on his lack of coaching.  I totally agree with LSF, credit to JC for bringing in the pieces that CC is working with.  

Now to practice against the 1-3-1!!

CC is in the process of turning things around on the court, in the community, and in the recruiting pipeline.  

Last but not least, the student section was loud and electric, now to fill up the non-student section!

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12/01/2022 8:55 am  #54

Re: GW vs South Carolina Game Thread

WRGW Sports[/url] [url=]@WRGWSports·9h 
Overheard on the street: "I've never been to a GW basketball game before. That was so fun" "I've been going since 2019. That was the most fun one" GW basketball is back!

Winning is fun and the vast majority of students don't know that South Carolina's KenPom is equivalent to a mid-level A10 team.  They just see the name South Carolina and assume it was a big upset.

We have a looooooong way to go to get back to 2006 when students were lined up hours before the game to get in, but I'm hopeful that last night attracts more casual fans to show up to games this season.


12/01/2022 9:01 am  #55

Re: GW vs South Carolina Game Thread

Must say that, "What a difference a coach makes".  But the team was shooting well and there was a semblance of someone knowing how to get a team to play like a Team. Just wish the subs got in earlier, but after UMES I wasn't sure. Radford will be very tough. Yes, its nice to see something like this. But I hope this doesn't scare other Big Schools teams from playing us. NC State owes us a return game. 
And it seems that Georgetown is playing everyone but us. Interesting.


12/01/2022 9:28 am  #56

Re: GW vs South Carolina Game Thread

Free Quebec wrote:

 but I also think some of the credit is just how focused and energetic we were....  ...we ran our offense with so much energy that we made them look slow and clueless.... ...they almost looked shell shocked

A lot of credit for our high energy and their discombobulation goes to the tremendous crowd.  GG was yelling something at the blue seats (!) after he made the shot that he was fouled on in the first half.  The ref had to talk to him before he took the free throw.


12/01/2022 10:09 am  #57

Re: GW vs South Carolina Game Thread

caught some on TV

gotta tip the cap to the strong crowds to start the season. I know everyone was concerned with the Greek night crowd for first home game and the routine of those student #s not keeping up. awesome to see last night. hope it continues for em


12/01/2022 10:49 am  #58

Re: GW vs South Carolina Game Thread


1) Yes, a great deal of fun.

2) I wrote yesterday that I was interested in seeing how we opened up the game.  Would we sufficiently motivated or maybe we're just not a decent team?  We obviously opened great.  It's one of the great mysteries of the sport but I suppose human nature suggests that it's unrealistic to expect this same level of intensity and effort against a UCSD team who defeated GW by 20 points last season, solely because they are "just" UCSD and not South Carolina.  In my mind, this is one of the toughest coaching challenges out do you get your team to play with energy and passion, game after game?

3) Ricky deserves a significant amount of credit for playing hard on both ends, sifling GG in the process.  Objectively, I would also add that GG missed a number of makeable shots.

4) 21 assists, 12 turnovers.  Better ratio.

5) Maybe 4 of these turnovers were the result of errant lob passes into the low post that were either overthrown or did not have enough on them.  These are the turnovers I can live with because they are more "miscalculated" than they are "careless."  

6) The nearly packed student section makes a huge difference.  As for non-students, GW will have to do  a far better job at proactively promoting the game to non-students.  That said, I don't think this is the year for that (aside from free PR opportunities).  

7) GG came out two minutes earlier than the rest of the team during halftime to take some shots.  It was one of those curious moments that had the look of there being one set of rules for GG and one set for everyone else.  I hope Lamont Paris, a very good man, realizes that his team is not going very far with or without GG and puts an end to any special rules.  Rarely does this ever work. 

8) It may very well have been a perfect night if not for the very obvious struggles GW had against the 1-3-1 defense.  SC broke it out towards the end of the first half and then inexcusably moved away from it at the start of the second half before bringing it back.  GW settled for a number of very long shots and showed zero competence insofar as how to attack it.  This flaw has now been exposed for all future opponents to see so I hope and trust that the team will be working to rectify this.

9) With the help of Lamont again somehow moving away from the 1-3-1 at the start of the second half, GW sealed the win at the start of the second half.  Within the first 6 minutes, GW went on a 20-5 run.  You don't have to be a GW basketball historian to ask yourself this:  SC hits a 3 at the buzzer to trim GW's 23 point lead to 20 at the half, so how will GW respond when SC begins the second half on a 10-3 run to cut the lead to 13?  Are we really about to blow this entire huge lead on our home court?    Have I seen this movie before?  Instead, a 20-5 run as CC has his guys go for the jugular early.  Absolutely great to see.


12/01/2022 3:34 pm  #59

Re: GW vs South Carolina Game Thread

Perhaps I'm the only one here based on the comments, but I didn't think SC's zone d was especially effective.  From what I saw, GW got good looks, they just missed them.  


12/01/2022 3:43 pm  #60

Re: GW vs South Carolina Game Thread

I am in the camp that we were court off guard by the 1-3-1 zone and did not attack it particularly well.


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