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1/02/2023 1:18 pm  #201

Re: James Bishop IV

GW men's basketball senior guard James Bishop IV was named the Atlantic 10 Player of the Week on Monday after his 40-point performance guided the Colonials to a road win at Loyola Chicago.

Bishop, who has finished second in the A-10 in scoring in each of his first two seasons donning the Buff & Blue and leads the conference with 21.9 ppg this year, earns a weekly award for the first time in his career.

He enters the week ninth in the country with 21.9 ppg, but also is averaging a career-best 5.0 assists per game, third-most in the A-10 and 38th nationally. He is one of just two players in Division I to average 21.0 ppg and 5.0 apg.

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1/04/2023 11:10 am  #202

Re: James Bishop IV

xAC wrote:

Possibly Bob Tallent,and that was before 3-pointers.

Bob Tallent was the last Colonial to do it, in 1968-69, according to a Facebook post by GW Men's Basketball!


1/04/2023 11:41 pm  #203

Re: James Bishop IV

25 points and 5 dimes on the road at Richmond

There was a great photo of Bob and James side by side  in that post

I'd post it here if I knew how!


1/07/2023 6:22 pm  #204

Re: James Bishop IV

26 points 5 dimes, on 13 shotsm,  for James Bishop as GW wins 81-73

looking very much like 1st Team all A10 and POY of year candidate 


1/07/2023 7:55 pm  #205

Re: James Bishop IV

Passed Mike Hall for 29th on GW’s all time scoring list today. Will pass Carl Elliott next, in the next couple games.


1/07/2023 8:28 pm  #206

Re: James Bishop IV

All of this is very well and good and gives us something to boast about.
But it really matters when we win, like today's excellent game from James and others/


1/14/2023 11:13 am  #207

Re: James Bishop IV

WRGW interviewed Bishop and Caputo (recording was lost) but they posted some of the bullet points. This one is my favorite:


1/14/2023 1:39 pm  #208

Re: James Bishop IV

Good find!  Crochet? That's amazing

I'm glad CC said it because most wouldn't but it's the truth.  The blown calls robbed us of the Washington St win (top 60 KenPom) and then sunk that tourney, the latter you can blame on us for not bouncing back better but it did seem to deflate the trip

Otherwise we've played really well for the most part so far and above expectations, fueled as he notes by 3 career years. 

The incoming recruits will be far more important but everything helps when turning around a program


1/17/2023 3:12 pm  #209

Re: James Bishop IV

#1 in the A10  with 21.7 points (8th in the nation)
#2 in the A10 with 5.2 assists 
Obviously #1 in the A10 in point produced per game,  3rd in the Nation

Sure looks like a POY candidate for the A10  

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1/18/2023 9:42 am  #210

Re: James Bishop IV

Great to see the improvement in JBIV's game.  Was always a natural scorer but he has improved his decision-making immensely.  He's quite a weapon to have down the stretch of a close game.  Always an excellent chance he will score, get fouled or find the open man.  The one knock has been the volume of three point attempts (the knock goes away if he were making them at close to a 40% clip) but he's obviously confident that this can improve.  I suspect JBIV will have some attractive professional options to consider.


1/22/2023 2:40 pm  #211

Re: James Bishop IV

James is now 22 points  5.3 assists, the assists keep ticking up the scoring holding steady.

He's now 2nd in the Nation in points produced stat,  #1 in the A10 in Offensive Win Shares.

If there's a better choice for A10 POY  I am like Ross Perot, all ears


1/22/2023 3:02 pm  #212

Re: James Bishop IV

James is now on pace to be 10th in all time scoring at GW by the end of the season. And it's not just his prolific scoring. He makes the players around him better too, which was not as much the case his first year here.


1/22/2023 3:40 pm  #213

Re: James Bishop IV

Yesterday being pehaps his greatest GW game to date.   Half a dozen of those passes were surreal

The shot he made from the corner at the shot clock buzzer from behind the backboard was crazy.

What could he accomplish with a little more talent around him?   Floor spacing bigs e.g. 
Any chance he has a future as a spark plug off the bench NBA depth piece? I used to think no, but now I'm less certain of that  - Shabazz Napier light?



1/23/2023 3:50 pm  #214

Re: James Bishop IV

Is Bishop definitely gone after this year?  He does have an extra year of eligibility left because of the Covid year, right?  Especially with his improvement under CC and the program headed in the right direction, I'd think it would be helpful to his pro prospects to stay


1/23/2023 3:56 pm  #215

Re: James Bishop IV

Not definitely gone.  However, I can't forsee his stock (professional basketball prospects) rising beyond where it will be after this vastly improved season.


1/23/2023 4:22 pm  #216

Re: James Bishop IV

His pro prospects (regardless of the level)  I'd say hinge on improving his pure shooting.   He's a great scorer he could improve as a shooter - he goes through mini slumps as a pure shooter (from the line too) he'll need  to improve on to reach his peak.    

His pro comp I'd say is someone like Cam Thomas.   

He decided to stay at GW despite a Coaching change (when 2 of the top 3 players bolted) so he seems to really like his GW experience


1/23/2023 5:13 pm  #217

Re: James Bishop IV

Bishop needs some NIL money to stay, not a crazy amount but something. He will getting paid somehow next year, whether at GW, another school with NIL $ or professionally.


1/23/2023 9:21 pm  #218

Re: James Bishop IV

James is second in the A10 with 101 assists,  3rd is 89

incredibly Yuri Collins has 202.  #1 in the nation, #1 in the nation last year too, #1 in the A10 3 years in a row
He must be taking aim at the all time A10 record (even with all those games lost to the pandemic)

Yuri Collins figures to me in the mix for POY with James, Holmes, Burton.  Anyone else atop the list?


1/26/2023 8:42 am  #219

Re: James Bishop IV

I believe Bishop passed Carl Elliot last night in all-time points. On pace to finish 12th all time in GW history. Also on pace to finish top 10 in minutes played in a single season.

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1/26/2023 12:41 pm  #220

Re: James Bishop IV

MG14 wrote:

I believe Bishop passed Carl Elliot last night in all-time points. On pace to finish 12th all time in GW history. Also on pace to finish top 10 in minutes played in a single season.

Bishop is already 5th in all time points for players with only 3 or less years at GW, behind only Corky Devlin (52-55), Jon Feldman (59-62), Tyler Cavanaugh (15-17) and SirValient Brown (99-01). He should pass Tyler and SirVal in the next game or two.


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