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1/31/2023 1:19 pm  #1

50 + years ago

Had a weird dream last night that I was on the GW campus going to class when I stopped in at the Tin Tabernacle and watched the team practice. Carl Sloan was the coach. Walt Szczerbiak, Ronnie Nunn, Mike Tallent, Mike Battle. Super freshmen Pat Tallent, Clyde Burwell, Keith Morris were there also. 
Big games from that era (Ft. Myers Home Court)  was beating Miami and a good Cincinnati team. Great game was at Madison Square Garden when Walt Szczerbiak battle Julius Erving and Umass. Too bad we lost 70-65. Walt made his career in Spain, but he should have been in the NBA. The next year our good wins were West Virginia and the final game my senior year. A bunch of us walked to the game. We were playing our annual game against Georgetown at McDonough Gym. This game made up for all the losses in our 11-14 season. We stole the GU drum (tradition) and won 88-83. At the time GU and GW were equal in sports and friendly neighbors, being private schools in the DC area. AU was too far away because at the time the DC subway was still under construction (Just a hole in the ground in 1972).  Favorite bar was going to Georgetown on Friday night and going to the Tombs. Standing room at the bar.  The walk back to campus sobered us up a bit .  Good old Madison Hall.  


2/01/2023 1:59 am  #2

Re: 50 + years ago

I remember those smoky games at Ft. Myer.    Was that the year Maryland had the great Frosh team with McMillan, Lucas, and Elmore ?   I remember our Frosh team (we had one in those days) gave them a decent game at Ft. Myer although we lost.   The gym was packed despite it being a Frosh game due to all the hype about the Baby Terps.  The year we beat Miami at the Fort they had a local 6'6" fellow named Willie Allen who had been like an All-Metro from some HS in Montgomery County.    I wondered why we couldn't get him to come to GW.  Sczerb was indeed a great player to watch.  He seemed to score on multiple tap ins on misses every game off the offensive board, and had a great off the glass 10 footer as well.    Averaged like 17-18 a game like clockwork.   I still haven't gotten over the fact that Jarvis rejected his son Wally's request for scholarship consideration to play here back in the early 1990's as I recall.    Wally went on to earn All-American mention in some quarters, led Miami of Ohio to the NCAA's averaging around 25-30 ppg,  and made the cover of SI as one of the best players in the nation.   If we had had him on those excellent Jarvis teams at the time we may well have been Final Four material.  Jarvis famously carried ex-UCLA all-American Walt Hazzard's kid (a great kid BTW) on the roster for 4 years as like the 10th man, but wouldn't take a chance on Wally Sczerb.   I was told on good authority that Jarvis told Walt his boy just wasn't Division 1 material.   I felt they should have taken him even as a 10th man given his father's HOF status as an all-time GW guy.  


2/01/2023 11:03 am  #3

Re: 50 + years ago

I was on the freshman team (as a walk on) that played the MD team with McMillen, Elmore and Jap Trimble (but not John Lucas). Bob Tallent was our coach. Don’t recall that it was a close game, however.

Although I rarely played, it was a great experience being on that team and having Bob as coach. 


2/01/2023 11:26 am  #4

Re: 50 + years ago

Saw pickup games at Tin Tabernacle including were Walt S was unstoppable. Also went to MSG and still have  the Program from the game against Dr. J.  Also saw the freshman game against UMD which was very exciting.
Great memories!


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