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1/30/2023 1:51 pm  #41

Re: Former bars of Foggy Bottom

lowpost wrote:

It’s Bill “one punch” Knorr. Ask Furman.



1/30/2023 2:17 pm  #42

Re: Former bars of Foggy Bottom

ppeck56 wrote:

It was Gillies I believe. They also had quarts of Iron City for 50 cents. Don't forget the first rate Science Fiction bookstore that was also on the block. Remeber going to the Circle theatre for triple features like The Last Wave, Greaser's Palace and Jimi Plays Berkley which would take up half a day. For bars it was Mr. Henrys, Red Lion, BRickskeller, Crazy Horse in Georgetown and Dimetri's and the other greek resturant next door on M Street.

Gillies it was!!  Thank you. Too many visits to there and the 21st Amendment to be able to recall

Additional bars -Lord Jim’s on 21st and M (played on their softball team),  the Chinese Disco (forget the name of the actual establishment.) And then there was the Charing Cross on M St in Georgetown. When a good solid night of getting hammered wasn’t enough, the Cross had happy hour between 1:00-3:00am.

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1/30/2023 3:01 pm  #43

Re: Former bars of Foggy Bottom

Late 00's edition:
51st State (for 10 cent wing night)
Lucky Bar

Mr. Smith's
Third Edition
Smith Point


1/30/2023 3:18 pm  #44

Re: Former bars of Foggy Bottom

Got to say I’m a little jealous.Don’t get me wrong-there were places to hang in 65- but not that many.
I once calculated that I spent 11%of my waking life at the Circle theater that year.You could smoke in the 
place back then.Owned by the Pedas  brothers who eventually bought up most of the real estate between 19th and 21st st.and Pennsylvania.Mr Henrys I think was there -but an Italian joint called the “Trieste”
Is where I hung out and ate bracciole-don’t ask!-owned by Luca and Pasquale Fiordelise.
Orazio Pugliese (sp?) ran his barber shop across from the Trieste.Things were simple then.As John Kennedy said of DC in the early 60’s “The city has northern charm and southern efficiency”.


1/30/2023 4:14 pm  #45

Re: Former bars of Foggy Bottom

I referenced earlier a bar that was almost a companion bar to Abbey Road.  I believe they were around the corner from one another.  The freshmen flocked to either The Exchange, Abbey Road, or this third bar...Bojangles.



1/31/2023 2:21 am  #46

Re: Former bars of Foggy Bottom

The basement room below Harrigan's earlier described was called, somewhat aptly,  THE FROG PIT.   Random memories:   I saw the entire THE SORROW AND THE PITY opus at the Circle in one sitting (6 hours as I recall) one lazy day.   Saw all the Bergman and New Wave Spanish, Italian, and French directors films there;  Saw Washington Senators slugger Frank Howard more than a few times chowing down at Giusti's after a night game.  His go-to midnight meal was a super large deluxe metro pizza washed down with 2 pitchers of beer.   He had his own table in the farthest corner from the entrance next to the kitchen area, and was always alone.   No one ever seemed to bother him for any reason.   The waiters would ask you not to bother him if you seemed to notice him.   He must have lived nearby ??   Does anyone else remember a time when they showed XXX rated hardcore porno movies in the Ballroom at the Marvin Center.   I saw THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES there.


1/31/2023 10:57 am  #47

Re: Former bars of Foggy Bottom

I was living near the campus for years after graduating -so I don’t remember the time frame-but I remember 
strolling through the campus at some point and reading on some bulletin board that the Devil and Miss Jones 
would be shown on campus.I was taken aback that it would be available to be seen on campus.
Having said that-I didn’t go-because I’d already seen it! Dawn of a new age.


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1/31/2023 12:08 pm  #48

Re: Former bars of Foggy Bottom

Free tequila shots in the basement of a certain Capitol Hill Mexican restaurant was a favorite of freshman and sophomores in the late aughts.

My most frequent spots overall were 51st State and Big Hunt. Rocket bar and fados were fun when I lived near downtown. You got to mingle with the tourists. By my senior year I found myself going to the H Street corridor for a night out quite a bit.

My friends liked third edition. I hated it lol. Too many Georgetown kids.


2/01/2023 10:35 am  #49

Re: Former bars of Foggy Bottom

Tammany Hall (on Penn Ave near 21st Amendment?)
Childe Harold (near Dupont Circle - mostly a restaurant with live music?)
Winstons - K Street in Georgetown
Hamburger Hamlet - M street in Georgetown - mostly a restaurant but had a great bar for hanging out
The Omega - this was a Cuban restaurant on Columbia Road in Adams Morgan -  I list it because they had great inexpensive pitchers of sangria.  They also had the best chicken enchiladas with bottomless black beans and rice for $4 in the day.


2/01/2023 2:10 pm  #50

Re: Former bars of Foggy Bottom

These are good entries.
Forgot about Tammany Hall.
Had a not very pretty Yukon Jack special night at the 21st once.
Didn't go to Childe Harold in college , but afterward. They had actually had quite good food for
that type of place, from burgers to some entrees.


2/01/2023 3:08 pm  #51

Re: Former bars of Foggy Bottom

I believe the Childe Harold had the Ramones in late 1975, maybe the first punk concert in D.C. Hard to imagine because it looked like a townouse from the outside.


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