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2/17/2023 5:05 pm  #1

Off Topic "The College Admissions Scandal" Movie

Anyone ever watch the movie, "The College Admissions Scandal", by Adam Salky and Stephen Tolkin? In one scene where Mia Krishner confronts a guidance counselor about why her daughter's SAT scores would not get her into an Ivy League school, but probably GW. Mia gets pissed and said she didn't spend 50 grand a year just to get her daughter into GW. That scene was interesting and unexpected. What is strange about the movie and the whole college admissions scandal was that people were getting bribed to get kids into USC. When I was looking at colleges may years ago anyone could get into USC. If you had money to go there. Even in 1990 the acceptance rate at USC was 68%. The Insiders Guide to Colleges for 1990 said the Mean SAT for USC was 489 V and 567 M. Times have really changed.


2/17/2023 5:22 pm  #2

Re: Off Topic "The College Admissions Scandal" Movie

Tennessee Colonial, you are showing your age.
Anyone involved with the college admissions process in the last 10-15 years knows that USC has become a top national research and academic university, consistently rated in the top 20 for it's 15+ different schools/degree programs. The days of "university of spoiled children" no longer applies except in that unless you have a scholarship or financial aid you better have rich parents.
Cost per year is about same as GW but difference enormous.
Movie is right on point on this one.


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