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3/08/2023 2:51 pm  #1

The Coaching Carousel Thread

With seasons coming to an end this week, so begins the Coaching Carousel.

G'town has to have an opening finally after this year right?

Mike Brey will be in the mix for several high profile jobs.

Lot of high profile programs with Coaches on the Hot Seat.

Mike Anderson seesms to have things trending up at St Johns but word is he might be out.

Surely changes coming at places like Cal, Louisville.  Nebraska?

Syracuse??  (according to a breaking story, Boeheim gave his retirement speech to his players last week)

Ohio St? 

Is Billy Lange playing for his job today vs GW?   18-48 through 4 years in league play  37-76 overall.   I'd imagine Hawks fans would welcome a change there

If Dayton loses early, Anthony Grant?  Would seem pretty unfair, since the 2020 season was heading for a 1 seed tourney but 6 seasons at Dayton, no NCAA Tourney trips yet.   Archie Miller had 5 NCAA Tourney wins in the prior years, expectations are a lot higher than just everywhere else (except maybe VCU) in the A10.


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3/08/2023 5:33 pm  #2

Re: The Coaching Carousel Thread

Adrian Autry was named I believe interim HC. Does this endanger our recruitment of Trey?


3/08/2023 5:44 pm  #3

Re: The Coaching Carousel Thread

Hasn't he already signed the paperwork? Can't imagine anything could happen next season.


3/08/2023 7:03 pm  #4

Re: The Coaching Carousel Thread

Idk if that would impact. Lots of moving parts now with the Orange too


3/08/2023 7:34 pm  #5

Re: The Coaching Carousel Thread

So there goes the first chip, as Boeheim is forced out (he made it quite clear the school is forcing him out he's not "retiring" just like with Mike Brey.)

After nearly 50 and 20+ years both guys deserved better, but it is a results business and "what did you do for me today" world


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3/08/2023 7:58 pm  #6

Re: The Coaching Carousel Thread

Even though Autry already signed his LOI with GW, it would be a bad look for CC to make things difficult for him, if he'd want to go play for his father. I'm interested to see what Autry decides to do now. Has he made any sort of social media posts about his father being named the coach? Is he still 100% committed to GW? 


3/08/2023 8:16 pm  #7

Re: The Coaching Carousel Thread

Free Quebec assures us in another thread that Autry is a lock and any speculation to the contrary is "trolling."


3/08/2023 8:23 pm  #8

Re: The Coaching Carousel Thread

I don’t know anything about these two or their preferences, but I think its interesting that everyone assumes that all kids want to play for their fathers. Some kids want their fathers to just be their fathers, and have someone else be their coach.


3/08/2023 8:38 pm  #9

Re: The Coaching Carousel Thread

There was a video I remember watching linked on his recruits page that made it seem like he and his father were both very much on the same page about him finding his own basketball identity. Now that’s not to say that if he blows up here and becomes a star, that maybe later on, he joins his dad, but that was my takeaway from the video.


3/08/2023 8:42 pm  #10

Re: The Coaching Carousel Thread

From an interview last fall, posted by FC in the recruits section.  This was prior to his commitment to GW:

While Autry is the son of Syracuse associate head coach Adrian Autry, he will not be considering the Orange moving forward.

“I’m not considering Syracuse,” Autry said. “My Dad told me to be my own person. He went here and was great here but it’s about paving your own path.”


3/08/2023 8:42 pm  #11

Re: The Coaching Carousel Thread

Autry was the coach in waiting for Syracuse for years now.  This isn’t much of a surprise.  I doubt this changes anything.  If he really wanted to play for his dad, he never would have signed with us in general.


3/08/2023 11:22 pm  #12

Re: The Coaching Carousel Thread

Patrick Ewing will be the former coach of the Hoyas by Saturday.


3/08/2023 11:48 pm  #13

Re: The Coaching Carousel Thread

AT Hiker wrote:

Patrick Ewing will be the former coach of the Hoyas by Saturday.

I'd be surprised if that wasn't the case.  I dont see how he surives this year.

Chris Beard said to be the front runner at Ole Miss.  One the one hand, fantastic Coach, took Texas Tech to the NCAA Finals, has Texas back among the best teams in the nation.  ..... on the other hand recently fired for allegedly choking and biting his wife.   
Figures an SEC school would be the one to pounce first.  They seem to have a healthy perspective on things!


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3/09/2023 5:04 am  #14

Re: The Coaching Carousel Thread

Could there be scheduling impact? Maybe we'll see a game against Syracuse while Autry is here? Probably optimistic but who knows


3/09/2023 6:20 am  #15

Re: The Coaching Carousel Thread

Ewing is awful, a move to keep him next season would be basically telling the fanbase the athletics department doesn't give a good damn about winning, success, or anything like that. Plain and simple. Get him out of there. It has been embarrassing to see them play and I am not even a fan!


3/09/2023 9:08 am  #16


3/09/2023 11:23 am  #17

Re: The Coaching Carousel Thread

You guys may be right, Trey Autry and his father could have decided that Trey would play for GW even if the father became the Syracuse head coach. It's just the timing of Adrian Autry becoming the coach in the same year that Trey will begin his freshman year in college seems like the perfect scenario for the family, where Adrian gets his first head coaching job and brings along his son who is an incoming freshman.

For those of you who follow college football, it would be similar to Deion Sanders becoming the head coach at Jackson State before his son Shedeur's freshman year in college and then bringing Shedeur with him, after Shedeur committed to another school(Florida Atlantic??). I understand that Deion actually coached Shedeur in high school, middle school and possibly elementary school(unlike Adrian Autry did with Trey) but you get the point! LOL


3/09/2023 11:37 am  #18

Re: The Coaching Carousel Thread

Mike Brey to GTown - no inside info, just my guess.


3/09/2023 12:37 pm  #19

Re: The Coaching Carousel Thread

The Athletic, good stuff as always

My guesses:

Langel to Georgetown

Pitino to St Johns

I think time for total change at Georgetown they need some young riser, but maybe they go for yet another big name.   No knock on Brey, who I think would be better off somewhere else

(What would GW fans do, start rooting against Brey!? Or for Gtown!?)

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3/09/2023 1:04 pm  #20

Re: The Coaching Carousel Thread

I don't know Mike Brey at all, though I'm sure a number of people here do. I just can't honestly fathom him wanting to resurrect that program, given all the weird dynamics of the Thompson tree and the dumpster fire that the program has become. His DeMatha connections and his cache in the region make him the best choice I could think of, but that's a REALLY heavy lift. 


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