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3/09/2023 4:43 pm  #281

Re: Other Games Thread

Rutgers blows out Michigan!  The GW Trio strike again! that should punch their ticket back to the dance
3, (really 4 counting Covid) straight years for Rutgers

For Michigan its surely a season ending loss.  

UCONN is blowing the doors off a good Providence team. With a Big East title and the #1 ranked OOC they should be a 2 seed at minimum.  

Marquette survives St Johns in OT by 2, in what could be Mike Anderson's final game there.

VCU wins by 18 over Davidson, guess we'll see their bubble situation if they dont win each of the next two games
If they get to 26 wins and lose to Dayton in a close final, it will be interesting.


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