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3/19/2023 9:16 am  #61

Re: 2023 Transfer Portal Szn


3/19/2023 4:14 pm  #62

Re: 2023 Transfer Portal Szn

BM wrote:

Not a target, but Ish Leggett leaving URI.  He was a a GW recruit at some point.  It's turning into a more difficult job than expected for Miller.

BTW Zak Boisvert is now following Leggett.. 


3/19/2023 4:18 pm  #63

Re: 2023 Transfer Portal Szn

Florida Colonial wrote:

BM wrote:

Not a target, but Ish Leggett leaving URI.  He was a a GW recruit at some point.  It's turning into a more difficult job than expected for Miller.

BTW Zak Boisvert is now following Leggett.. 

Now THAT would be something after they took Bray from us last year lol


3/19/2023 6:25 pm  #64

Re: 2023 Transfer Portal Szn

Coppin State transfer Nendah Tarke tells TPR that he has received interest from over 15 schools including:
South Alabama
Loyola Chicago
St. Bonaventure
Murray State
Illinois State
Texas A&M Commerce
Tennessee State
George Washington

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3/20/2023 9:01 am  #65

Re: 2023 Transfer Portal Szn

Two new names to add to the Zak Boisvert follow list:

Jonathan Beagle
6’9” 240
3 Years of Eligibility Remaining
2022-23 Stats (31 Games):
 13 PPG, 8 RPG, 2 APG, 1 SPG
 2023 AEC ROTY.

Kuany Kuany
6'9" 200
1 Year of Eligibility Remaining
2022-23 Stats (32 Games):  9 PPG, 4 RPG, 1 APG, .5 SPG

Also, is Yale's EJ Jarvis related to Mike?  In any event, would be cool to be rooting for a Jarvis again in the Smith Center.


3/21/2023 9:47 am  #66

Re: 2023 Transfer Portal Szn

New day, new Zak Boisvert mutual follow:

Asher Woods
Freshman (G) at VMI. Averaged 14.2 PPG, 4.4 RPG, 2.3 APG, & averaged 0.9 SPG.


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3/21/2023 12:19 pm  #67

Re: 2023 Transfer Portal Szn

Haven't seen any links yet, but Ike Cornish is in the portal. We recruited him out of HS and I believe we were in his Top 8


3/21/2023 1:11 pm  #68

Re: 2023 Transfer Portal Szn

I find this annual thread second only to the Kenner League hype thread as the most entertaining here. Random players and follows meaning almost nothing. There will be one or two players that will come out of left field to most here but they've been on the board from the day they went into the portal and staff is moving quietly. There are others who have not yet formally entered the portal but have had representatives reach out to gauge interest and if sufficient interest, then they go into the portal. The whole thing is just like NIL ... the wild west. You can try to read the tea leaves of former interest in GW, position or talent but we have a new staff who won't necessarily evaluate the player the same way as the previous staff once did or views positional need as different. They also came from places where they may have been recruiting other players who are not familiar to GW. Also, you do not know who can academically qualify to come to GW. My whole point, knock yourself out if this exercise entertains you with each entrance into the portal but CC is two steps ahead of you (as he should be) and is not reading this board for ideas. However, if I were a prognosticator, the thing I would look for most is not a GW connection but a Miami connection ... maybe a player that Miami once recruited but went elsewhere and is now in the portal. I am not saying by any means that is what CC will look for exclusively but familiarity helps. It was not by accident that guys like Cavanaugh, Armwood and Creek ended up here. ML had good familiarity with them. So if you want to play this game, forget what you know about who was recruited to play here under a previous regime and start trying to decipher who CC is familiar with, especially those from the DMV area.

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3/21/2023 2:18 pm  #69

Re: 2023 Transfer Portal Szn

All that makes sense Rising but it's wishful thinking.

You know the characters on this board. Reason and logic are foreign concepts to a few here.


3/21/2023 2:55 pm  #70

Re: 2023 Transfer Portal Szn

GW Rising is here to say stop having fun with the portal. (Just kidding, obviously the coaching staff is on it. Chances are, though, we’ll land at least one guy who does get mentioned in this thread, even though you really can’t believe most recruiting stuff on the internet because people leak stuff to generate hype).

Also, I saw a tweet with 25 schools interested in AU’s Johnny O’Neil and we were not on it, which makes sense to me.

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3/21/2023 3:08 pm  #71

Re: 2023 Transfer Portal Szn

GWRising, Given that I'm one of the main posters in this thread (Along with GW0509) and guilty of updating who the staff is following on twitter, I can guarantee you that neither of us are under the impression that we're going to corner the market on who we are actually going to sign. But with that said I would say that if Zak B or CC choose to follow a player as soon as he enters the Portal there has to be at least some interest in doing due diligence on him. Also when CC follows a guy and the player follows him back I would guess that indicates a higher level of interest from both parties (like Jennings from Texas Tech).  CC doesn't wholesale follow guys like Zak B. So yes a great deal of this might be a waste of time but I'm much more entertained by this than arguing about the moniker or previous coaches. 

With that said I understand you know a bunch about the recruiting game and always appreciate your insight. But yes us amateurs do like to troll twitter and get some ideas of what the staff is doing (Yes there is a way to see who the latest follows are).

Now onto past Miami recruits or current Miami players. That's obviously an excellent place to look for possible signings.  I agree that we have a higher chance of signing players that coaches have had previous relationships with, rather than just starting out new as they enter the portal. Truthfully the Portal is a mad house.
We'll see what happens after Miami exits the tournament. Maybe a lightly used freshman from the DC area (Favour Aire) might want to come home. Assuming he's someone CC would want (Truthfully I know very little about his ability)

Can I add that I hope CC is two steps ahead of me lol. If not we're in trouble.

In any case I'm glad you're entertained by us. But I'm sure we'll keep entertaining ourselves. 

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3/21/2023 3:40 pm  #72

Re: 2023 Transfer Portal Szn

Keep the info flowing!  This thread is one of my favorites.


3/21/2023 4:24 pm  #73

Re: 2023 Transfer Portal Szn

I would suspect that any current Miami player that ends up at GW will be personally endorsed and delivered by Jim Larranaga.  There is simply no way that CC is running even the slightest risk of biting that hand. 

And as for whether this might be a waste of what?

Seriously, so fucking what?



3/21/2023 4:27 pm  #74

Re: 2023 Transfer Portal Szn

Darren Buchanan Jr. is in the portal. Seemed like it came down to us and VT last time.


3/21/2023 4:43 pm  #75

Re: 2023 Transfer Portal Szn

Yes,keep this info. coming until roster is set.  No one here has reported any signing--or even close.
Interesting. Looks like Buchanan redshirted.
  So we don't know what he did in college, which is intriguing, and cuts two ways, depending on why he was redshirted.
  Looking on the plus side, it really worked out for us with Max Edwards. 
And if he's a rebounder, 6'7, 235 is exactly what we don't really have and a major need for us.
  So if Darren gets an offer from us, he can ask the A-10 rookie of the year on our team what it is like
to play at GW.

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3/21/2023 4:45 pm  #76

Re: 2023 Transfer Portal Szn

And the Smitty  is close to home.


3/21/2023 4:53 pm  #77

Re: 2023 Transfer Portal Szn

Looks like they recruited a four star freshman over him at VPI.


3/21/2023 6:06 pm  #78

Re: 2023 Transfer Portal Szn

One would think that if the staff (especially the head coach) is following a kid on social media and the kid is following right back that this indicates some interest, be it ever so slight.


3/21/2023 6:50 pm  #79

Re: 2023 Transfer Portal Szn

And the fun continues.. Add another
Air Force sophomore Jake Heidbreder l. 

The 6’5” guard averaged 15.1 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 1.7 assists. 

Shot 49% from the field, and 40% from 3 (5.9 attempts per game).


3/21/2023 7:39 pm  #80

Re: 2023 Transfer Portal Szn

Darren Buchanan went to the same high school as Ricky Lindo (Wilson/Jackson-Reed), the best thing about him is he'd have four years of eligibility just like Max Edwards as jf pointed out. From what I saw of him in high school, he did play in the post so he'd fill a need. 

Providence guard (Georgetown Prep grad) Jared Bynum is also in the portal as a grad transfer. He started out his college career at St.Joe's and some of you may remember him being high school teammates with Mezie Offurum. If he doesn't follow Ed Cooley to Georgetown, I'm assuming GW would be an option.


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