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5/22/2023 10:22 am  #1

High School Teammates

I have not carefully researched this which leads me to believe that there have to be more sets of one-time high school teammates who played together at GW than I am coming up with here.  Have to believe that one or more combination of the Tallent brothers would qualify.  Mike Brown helped attract his former high school teammate Troy Webster a year later.  Mike King followed Shawnta Rogers a season later.  Miguel Cartagena was an 11th hour signee (preferred walkon?) who played at Montverde with Patricio Garino.  (Joe Katuka was also at Montverde but well before Pato and Miguel).  And of course this season, Christian Jones joins his former high school teammate Max Edwards (which is what got me thinking about this question in the first place).

Any others?  I'd think there must be.

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5/22/2023 10:24 am  #2

Re: High School Teammates

I think Bishop and Brelsford were on MSJ together.


5/23/2023 5:42 am  #3

Re: High School Teammates

several from ballard high in ky.  mike samson, tom tate, curtis jeffries and bob lindsay come to mind.


5/23/2023 8:40 am  #4

Re: High School Teammates

Great job GW0509 and lowpost.  GW did not end up playing a UVA team in an opening-season tournament which would have featured 7 Ballard High players.  The 4 GW players who lowpost referenced plus UVA's Jeff Lamp, Lee Raker and Terry Gates.  This Washington Post article, back in the days when GW was recognized as a local school by the Post, is priceless.  It references this would-be matchup along with Brian magid not being able to crack the starting lineup at the start of the season due to Bob Lindsay's presence, Gary Williams's head coaching debut at AU against Lou Carnesecca, Penny Elliott of then VCU (he would transfer to GW), Curt Jeffries (I always referred to him as Curtis), and Jack Kvancz who was coaching Catholic claiming that his team had a chance against Clemson.  Fun read for those who lived through this era.


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5/23/2023 9:14 am  #5

Re: High School Teammates

two followups:

obviously the withers twins.

i don’t think the tallents  played together in high school. bob and mike were three years apart. unless mike played freshman year, which is possible, they wouldn’t have overlapped. they played together at gw because bob sat out a year, narrowing the gap to two years.  pat was much younger.


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