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6/29/2023 4:05 pm  #21

Re: Kenner League 2023

Thanks for the explanation.
Interesting about Mo, who's gone through a lot.
I'd rather wrap Max in bubble wrap until the season, or at least until practice starts.
 We really need him, especially with his rebounding ability.


6/30/2023 9:28 pm  #22

Re: Kenner League 2023

It would be nice to get an update from the athletic department on which players will be participating in the Kenner league this summer. Mason's site has an article about 11 of their players playing and their team assignments.


7/01/2023 6:40 am  #23

Re: Kenner League 2023

dmvpiranha wrote:

Current/former GW players on rosters so far:

Mo Creek is on Hoop Magic
Max Edwards is on Higher Level. He will be joined by Mezie Offurum. 2025 recruit Acaden Lewis is also on the team.
Christian Jones is on Jim Couch
Ricky Lindo is on Call Your Mother.

Roster Thread:


Keegan Harvey on P.A.P.A.


7/01/2023 8:30 am  #24

Re: Kenner League 2023

Also playing in Kenner League:

DC Raiders:   Darren Buchanan:
Tombs:  Trey Autry,  Garrett Johnson
TBD:  Antoine Smith


7/01/2023 9:14 am  #25

Re: Kenner League 2023

Weekend Schedule Summary:

Saturday games:
1PM   Jim Couch  (Christian Jones)
3:30   DC Raiders (Darren Buchanan) vs.   Hoop Magic  (Mo Creek)
4:45:  PAPA (Keegan Harvey) vs. Call Your Mother (Ricky Lindo)
6PM  High Level  (Max Edwards)
Sunday games:
2:15:  PAPA:  (Keegan Harvey) vs. Tombs (Trey Autry, Garrett Johnson)
3:30:  Jim Couch (Christian Jones)
4:45:  Hoop Magic  (Mo Creek)
6:00:  Call Your Mother (Ricky Lindo) vs. DC Raiders (Darren Buchanan)


7/01/2023 4:55 pm  #26

Re: Kenner League 2023

just to drop the propaganda in the title.  

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7/01/2023 6:21 pm  #27

Re: Kenner League 2023

Keegan Harvey: 6 points, 3 rebounds, 2 steals, 1 assist, 1 TO, 1-5 FG, 0-2 3P, 4-4 FT
Ricky Lindo: 4 points, 6 rebounds, 3 TO, 1 steal, 2-10 FG, 0-4 3P, 0-2 FT
Darren Buchanan: 18 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, 1 turnover, 9-15 FG, 0-2 3P, 0-4 FT


7/01/2023 6:59 pm  #28

Re: Kenner League 2023

Did anyone see Harvey abd Buchanan play today? How did they play? Buchanan stats will pretty good except for free throwns and three-pointers. Harvey, also, a little trouble from 3.


7/01/2023 7:20 pm  #29

Re: Kenner League 2023

Saw the first half of Darren's game. Like what I saw: Active defense forcing at least one turnover and solid shot contests. Very good at backing down defenders (they were the same size or smaller than him). Good ball handling and passing. I know it's only kenner league but I feel like he played as expected for a player who had his pedigree coming out of high school


7/02/2023 12:08 pm  #30

Re: Kenner League 2023

Buchanan was impressive and was arguably the best player on the court. His first half was way better than his second half but one aspect of his game I was impressed with was his passing. Harvey couldn't really find his groove and the fact that the threes didn't fall spelled trouble for him


7/02/2023 4:59 pm  #31

Re: Kenner League 2023


7/02/2023 5:11 pm  #32

Re: Kenner League 2023

Here is a link to the postgame interview with Keegan Harvey after the game. It looks like the interviewer (Erin Brown) played for GW's women's team last season. Below that is the photo of MG14's link   


7/02/2023 5:22 pm  #33

Re: Kenner League 2023

Thomas wrote:

Here is a link to the postgame interview with Keegan Harvey after the game. It looks like the interviewer (Erin Brown) played for GW's women's team last season. Below that is the photo of MG14's link   

For the record, that was Essence Brown conducting the interview.


7/02/2023 6:02 pm  #34

Re: Kenner League 2023

Good find. He's got the "less structure" about Kenner League down right.
   Really good to hear Keegan is still trying to gain weight and muscle and expand
his "physicality." 
  And especially when he says he wants to also play down low. We really need him to do so, as
we are big-man challenged. Believe we have shooters this year.
  Keegan can make a difference, especially if he can use his height for defense
and rebounds. 


7/02/2023 7:45 pm  #35

Re: Kenner League 2023

Keegan played almost exclusively down low today. It was nice to see him finishing through contact even if the threes weren't as much of his scoring output as normal


7/02/2023 8:18 pm  #36

Re: Kenner League 2023

I attended the 2:15 game to watch Trey Autry, Garrett Johnson and Keegan and the 3:30 game to watch Christian Jones.  Unfortuhately, Trey, Garret and Christian were not present.  That is the risk you take when you go to see Kenner League games.  But I will talk about Keegan.  By my notes, he did have 20 points on 8-13 shooting (4 dunks, including the game winner) and was 4-6 from the line.  He also had 3 rebounds, 2 blocked shots, an assist and a turnover.  He did pass nicely and even though he had only the 1 assist, a couple of his passes resulted in the recipient being fouled and going to the line.  Notwithstanding the gaudy stats, I was not overly excited as most of his points were layups as a result of his being probably 5 inches taller than the tallest defender.   He did not look physically stronger (I was happy to hear on his post game inteview that he is working on his strength and trying to bulk up some), still isn't a rebounder, he is slow and his hands were not good and he is hardly a rim defender.  He is not scoring inside like that during the regular season and he missed his only 2 three pointers.  Still, it was exciting seeing him as the star of the game.  He was also really into the game, yelling encouragement to his teammates and showing excitement.

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7/03/2023 9:48 am  #37

Re: Kenner League 2023

My apologies to Essence Brown for getting her first name wrong, I saw the 'GWwbb '23' in her twitter bio and Erin came to mind for whatever reason. It's good that someone with GW ties is working with the Kenner League, it looks like Essence will do post-game interviews with the Player of the Game after each game.

I've come across a highlight video of Saturday's Quashie Family Dental-Jim Couch Foundation game. The video was posted by someone associated with Quashie Family Dental, I don't believe anyone from GW played in this game but if he uploads more Kenner League content in the future I'll post it here. 



7/03/2023 10:21 am  #38

Re: Kenner League 2023

We have an almost GW in Ismael Massoud, who I believe is the K State transfer and friend of Max who GW sought.   He is #31 in purple.  Saw him play briefly on Sunday.   A bull with a 3 point touch.  Would have been nice.  Yet another reason to hate Ge**getown, as if we need any more reasons.   I did speak with an older, knowledgeable fan of Ge**getown and he seems to be fairly sure that a resumpton of the rivalry is not far off.   This same fan spoke  very highly of Buchanan, whom he saw play on Saturday.  Said that there was fear in in some colleges that would have otherwise been interested that he may have a weight problem but I am not sure if he was referring to out of high school or in the portal.   Another person who saw him play on Saturday said he looked like a very good rebounder.    Take all of this with a grain of salt, of course.  

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7/09/2023 11:09 am  #39

Re: Kenner League 2023

I can’t go because I am at the beach, but we need one or 2 of you to get your asses over to Kenner and gives us a report.   And if you were there yesterday (Saturday),  what are you waiting for to give us some info, irrespective of how meaningless Rising thinks it is.  And he is mostly right about it’s value, but it is still what us junkies need with the season still nearly 4 months away.0


7/09/2023 12:51 pm  #40

Re: Kenner League 2023

Here at LSF’s urging. 

Trey obviously didn’t get the Kenner memo.  He’s passing, playing D, setting  picks, and discussing the finer points of the rule book with the refs.

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