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7/11/2023 2:04 pm  #21

Re: Huggins

Gwmayhem wrote:

I understand a lot of things, particularly as I get older.

Everyone would like to leave on their own terms.
Many individuals do not look forward to retirement.  They fret over how they will occupy their time.
We all have egos; some far larger than others.

Whether this is interesting or not, what I do know is that this is sad.  As in incredibly pathetic.  I suppose you can argue that anyone with multiple drunk driving incidents who also very knowingly made homophobic remarks while making a radio appearance may certainly be lacking self-respect, but to the extent that he has any, he should end this legal campaign to get his job back right now.  Am willing to guess that he does not know any better largely due to all of the enablers and WVU friends and fans in his life who have never stood up to him in the past about anything.  Huggins is that not so rare combination of part bully and part a-hole.  His time is more than up.  Changing attorneys while blatantly lying about his own recent resignation in a last ditch effort to get his job back would be beneath almost everyone out there.  And his (interim) replacement, Josh Eilert, who has been on staff for the past 16 years?  You're attempting to take away his opportunity as well.  

I'm never going to be one to defend somebody for making homophobic remarks. But I think the numerous drunk driving incidents and current stint in rehab may make it less than obvious that he "very knowingly made homophobic remarks." He may have drunkenly made these remarks because it seems like he sure has an alcohol problem. None of this should be condoned. Sober, drunk, or anything in between. But I suspect a lot of this is triggered through addiction concerns.

All that said, the sense of entitlement to ask for your job back--rather than simply asking for money. It's completely bonkers


7/11/2023 2:57 pm  #22

Re: Huggins

The Huggins fiasco (if you want to call it that) is borderline farcical at this point. Putting aside all the behavior and the hubris, does Huggins really think WVU is going to take him back? That's not the goal of this. The goal is to extract as much money as he can from WVU in a buyout settlement. I am sure the lawyers here can discuss actual notice versus constructive notice all day but unless it can be shown that someone resigned for Huggins without his knowledge or consent, he has one of the weaker legal cases he could have in this situation. He should be thanking God that he didn't kill anyone that night. If you are too dumb to have a driver or call an Uber in this day and age after you have been drinking, you are too dumb to continue coaching basketball at a college or university.


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