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7/13/2023 11:21 am  #21

Re: Welcome Benny Schroeder!!!

Or maybe he just had an off game.  


7/13/2023 12:04 pm  #22

Re: Welcome Benny Schroeder!!!

Shroeder is obviously talented and needs to be more efficient.  Looking at some GW players numbers in 21-22 v 22-23, JB's FG % went from 38.7 to 42.9.  Assist to turnovers went from 58 to 60 in 21-22 to 165 to 94 in 22-23.

Adams FG% went from 37.9 in 21-22 to 47.0 in 22-23.  His 3point% went from 27.2 to 37.9.
Lindo's FG% went from 44.6 to 56.2.

Each player is different but if Schroder is coachable I feel CC will put him in situations to get his numbers up from his FIBA numbers. .


7/13/2023 12:08 pm  #23

Re: Welcome Benny Schroeder!!!

In his five games, Benny took 33% of Germany's shots (like Bishop last year), but only had an offensive rating of 93 (vs 106 for Bishop).  Not JN3-esque, but not good.  Turnover rate was 23% (would've been second worst after Amir Harris).  

Love the aggression, but needs better decision-making which is definitely coachable.  Better too aggressive than too passive.

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7/13/2023 12:09 pm  #24

Re: Welcome Benny Schroeder!!!

Good point LA.


7/13/2023 3:41 pm  #25

Re: Welcome Benny Schroeder!!!

Free Quebec wrote:

This year’s team will have 7 players who are either freshmen or redshirt freshmen, including Benny. It’ll take time for this young team to gel and players to figure out their roles, but based on what I saw last year, I have no doubt CC and staff will help each player maximize their strengths.

"based on what I saw last year" is exactly why I am optimistic about the future.  


7/17/2023 10:37 am  #26

Re: Welcome Benny Schroeder!!!

Final stats (seven games):

% Minutes:  65
ORtg: 95
3pt%:  22
FT%:  75
Reb/g:  4.4
TO/g:  3.3


7/17/2023 12:03 pm  #27

Re: Welcome Benny Schroeder!!!

Good stat finds.
You never know what happens when the ball rolls out at the Smith Center.
But just based on this U20 tournament, don't know if these two international freshmen will be the immediate answer.
We'll see after they get here.
 They still have good potential if they listen to the coaches and work hard
to develop their games, especially to meet our needs on a team without much real big men.


7/17/2023 3:07 pm  #28

Re: Welcome Benny Schroeder!!!

Benny's decision-making and three point shooting need help, but to me it seemed like he was a dose of good coaching away from being a Pato-like piece.  His aggressiveness and (over?) confidence were great to see.


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