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7/17/2023 6:47 am  #1

Athletic Article On Portal Recruiting

Interesting article in the Athletic this morning on the crazy spring/summer schedule for recruiting.  Sounds like at minimum the portal period will shrink from 60 to 30 days and there will be more "dead time" built in.  Hurley also suggests that the portal not open until after the National Championship game. Coaches are also considering suggesting that grad students have to abide by the portal deadline as well, so you don't have kids leaving the program in July.  

Finally, I think it's funny how many of these rules are based on the honor system and the coaches don't really trust one another to be honorable.

The women’s college game has two week-long complete shutdown periods in recruiting, during which no calls or texts to prospects can be made. It’s an idea many men’s coaches like in theory — Bennett called it a “great thing” — but they might be too distrustful of each other to implement for themselves.

“There is this question: ‘If I’m shut down, is it a real shutdown? Or are there some scofflaws who aren’t necessarily shutting down?’” Robinson said. “There’s a paranoia because who would police it? Things that are going on now aren’t getting policed very well either.”

Our fearless leader CC was also quoted in the piece:

George Washington coach Chris Caputo, a longtime Jim Larrañaga assistant at George Mason and Miami, doesn’t have to think too far back to the “old days,” which was really just a few years ago when assembling a college basketball team was all about long-term strategy. “We used to put up on the board: ‘OK, this is our roster next year and this will be our roster the following year.’ People laugh at that now,” Caputo said. “For most people, the portal has taken a lot of their recruiting time. We had 13 official visits in the spring, and that’s probably about average for most teams. That’s why we need to get control of the calendar and maybe set some parameters rather than just being reactive to all the recent rule changes and just being on our heels. I talk to friends in the NBA, and they can’t believe that when our season ends, it actually gets busier.”


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