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7/20/2023 10:13 am  #1

Well Aren't We Brand Leaders?

The Colonial Athletic Association is now the Coastal Athletic Association. They say it's to better reflect the membership. Pete Thamel says it's in part to "modernize" the name. 

Robert Morris seems to be the last D-1 school holding on, at least for now


7/20/2023 11:18 am  #2

Re: Well Aren't We Brand Leaders?

This is SUNY Binghamton erasure!  From the pen of Tony K in '99: The Fighting Hasidim (

I feel like the same column could've been written about our recent consultant-driven name change.


7/20/2023 11:32 am  #3

Re: Well Aren't We Brand Leaders?

That article was vintage TK.  Even if you did not care about the subject, his writing entertained and was well worth the read.


7/20/2023 11:57 am  #4

Re: Well Aren't We Brand Leaders?

Agree with the post above. And a great find by GW0509.
Kornheiser was really, really funny, though doubt his columns would be acceptable today (see Weingarten,
    As 0509 points out, this column of more than 20 years ago, seems literally ripped from our 
headlines today and by association, mocks our stupidity.
  Just wish it was a change prompted by not selling T-shirts, instead of the inanity that prompted
our name change--and won't stop at that.


7/20/2023 12:23 pm  #5

Re: Well Aren't We Brand Leaders?

See, the Revolutionaries are at the vanguard of a dialectic process. (interpret that any way you want, snowflakes!)


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