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7/22/2023 6:17 pm  #61

Re: Kenner League 2023

Keegan rolled his ankle going after a loose ball. Sat out the second half elevating his foot and applying ice.

He did say after the game he should be good to go tomorrow so no long term concerns. Had about 5 points including one 3 and 2 blocks prior to exiting the game.

DBJ played but was pretty quiet on offense. Seemed like he was just getting some cardio in. Couple of rebounds but nothing of note before I left.

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7/23/2023 11:41 am  #62

Re: Kenner League 2023

James Bishop was at Kenner yesterday (Saturday) as a spectator.  Also present was Max, and even though his team played, he was not dressed.   Was chatting with his old schoolmate,  Ismael Massoud, who played earlier (and whom we really could have used).  As for the players I did see, I was impressed with Trey Autry, who seems skilled and confident.  Unfortunately, Christian Jones had very little playing time and I can't tell you anything about him.  Also saw Keegan play for about 13 minutes before I had to leave   He had at least 8 points (including 2-2 from the three) and likewise looks very confident on the court.  If we could get anything close to his Kenner play, he will help.   


7/23/2023 1:07 pm  #63

Re: Kenner League 2023

Down below is the Quashie Family Dental-DC Raiders (Darren Buchanan) full game. DC Raiders lost by 31, but it looked like Buchanan played a lot of minutes since they only had 7 players even if he didn't contribute much offensively which GW0509 points out. I believe Buchanan is #23 in the dark jersey.



7/24/2023 10:06 am  #64

Re: Kenner League 2023

Weighing in on Trey Autry and Christian Jones since I was i attendance for that match-up.  Am pretty sure that neither player was in their respective starting lineup yet both were on the floor during crunch time when the game was on the line.  That's a very good sign in my book.

Trey looked to have a tough outing yet you can plainly see how well he knows the game.  He did force a tough shot which was deflected and made an effortless 3 that was waived off due to a foul call prior to his shot.  Was very much a willing defender, has good size for a perimeter player, and consistently made the right play aside from his forced shot.  He and Christian guarded one another a bit and you can see that both enjoyed this while remaining competitive.

I knew less about Christian's game and walked away a big fan.  He made a nice 3 pointer and was very active defensively.  He grabbed more than his share of rebounds (similarly sized Joe McDonald, in attendance, had to come away impressed) and was a more physical player than I would have envisioned.  Both of these guys look like they are capable of helping a team win in many different ways.  And neither had that "he'll be much better once he hits the weight room" feeling.  I'd be surprised if either were not contributing this season.


7/29/2023 9:40 am  #65

Re: Kenner League 2023

Someone has been keeping a very good stats tracker this season it seems.


7/29/2023 3:55 pm  #66

Re: Kenner League 2023

Good find, Ryan.
If I read that right, Max is outrebounding Keegan.
We really need Max's proven nose for the ball--and given our paucity of traditional big men, everyone
to hit the boards.


7/31/2023 8:28 am  #67

Re: Kenner League 2023

Some quick thoughts from Saturday's Kenner play:

The showcase game for me was watching Darren Buchanan's DC Raiders go up against Trey Autry's Tombs team.  Darren was playing this like many big guys do.  Slowly jogging up and down the court while making himself available during big moments.  His big body allows him to effectively muscle for position down low yet at the same time, he can bring the ball up and isn't afraid to shoot from the outside.  I am interested in seeing how his game translates to the structured college game.  In high school, even in the competitive league that he played in, I could envision him having a tremendous size advantage, referring more to bulk than height.  That advantage often considerably lessens at the next level.  He is a skilled enough player to be effective but things likely will not come as easily to him.

Try played on a Tombs team that has something like 18 guys on their roster (10-11 showed up the first time I saw him play) yet only had 7 in attendance for this game.  This meant that Trey assumed much of the point guard duties while playing most if not all of the game.  Early on, Trey was struggling with his shot.  He then shifted gears, taking the ball to the hole and scoring three times in the paint.  That is a savvy move that a lot of young players don't absorb.  When your shot isn't falling, take higher percentage ones.  The confidence one receives from putting the ball through the hoop a few times is unmistakable.  Naturally, Trey began hitting from the outside after this stretch. 

Watched Keegan a bit in the second game.  In the early going, he looked like he was going to be on the wrong end of a one round knockout.  Former Mason Patriot Trey Porter was manhandling him which included a sharp elbow to Keegan's head (so it appeared).  I was actually hoping that he would be removed from the game (Kenner is fun but it's not worth this) but Keegan played on and improved considerably during the game.  He made a few 3's but it was really his willingness to get down low that impressed me.  If Keegan can give the team 8-12 minutes a game being more than just a three point threat, that's a huge win for this team.

The playoffs started yesterday.  I was not in attendance but from what I can tell, Darren's team may have lost a close one (or may have won, somewhat conflicting posts on Twitter), not sure about Trey's team, and Max had missed the final few regular season games so it appeared that he was smartly shutting things down.  Christian Jones's team received a first round bye so they play in the quarters either Thursday or Friday night.



7/31/2023 11:19 am  #68

Re: Kenner League 2023

Thanks for the report, Mayhem.   I think Keegan may have gotten the word that his playing time is going to be dependent that being more than just a 3 point threat.  When I saw him, he may have been more aggressive down low but he didn't necessarily look that much stronger, but that may have been because he was playing against undersized competition.   I am very curious to see how he plays in real games,  I didn't see Trey as much as you did Mayhem.   To me, he looked like he had a pretty good handle and could pass some.  Got the impression he likes the ball in his hands.  Did you see the same things?  I didn't get to see Buchanan at all.   Does he have 3 point range or is he at least a threat from the 3?   I use to hear about Mike King that his 3 point shot was just good enough where you had to guard  him.


7/31/2023 4:51 pm  #69

Re: Kenner League 2023

LSF...I'd agree that Keegan may not have gotten much stronger.  What I noted though was a willingness to bang a bit down low.  Trey Porter is now 27 years old and at the start of the game, it looked like he was going to manhandle him.  Instead, Keegan may have gotten a bit fired up and really held his own against him.  Liked seeing the toughness from someone who I would not necessarily expect to see it from.

Trey can definitely play the point or off the ball.  Maybe this is the old coach's son thing but you can really see the high basketball IQ.  He occasionally takes an ill advised shot (this is Kenner after all) but by and large, I see him making the correct decisions far more often than not.  Also really like the fact that he's not going to be one of those freshmen who will need to hit the weight room before we can expect to see any results. 

In the spirit of Ricky Lindo, I'll point out that while I believe Darren CAN hit three point shots, this doesn't mean I'd like to see him take too many.  He has a nice touch for someone his size but I like his pull up game from midrange a lot more.  If he gets the ball on the wing and drives to the hole, he will be a very intimidating guy to defend. That said, he's going to have to learn not to commit too many charges, particularly since A10 refs by their very nature will already be calling their share of terrible calls against him.  I wish there was a way to bet this (1.5 bad calls against Buchanan...please give me the Over.) 


7/31/2023 6:02 pm  #70

Re: Kenner League 2023

Gwmayhem wrote:

Trey can definitely play the point or off the ball.  Maybe this is the old coach's son thing but you can really see the high basketball IQ.  He occasionally takes an ill advised shot (this is Kenner after all) but by and large, I see him making the correct decisions far more often than not.  Also really like the fact that he's not going to be one of those freshmen who will need to hit the weight room before we can expect to see any results. 


Good to hear about Trey. Hope he keeps up his high basketball IQ and decision making,
most important, during GW games.
   But isn't it against Kenner rules to pass up ill-advised shots and make good passes?


8/01/2023 8:28 am  #71

Re: Kenner League 2023

Jf, realizing your question was asked in a tongue in cheek manner, I will say that by and large, GW's players at Kenner are very much the anti-Kenner types.  They often play the right way by making good passes, setting screens, moving without the ball, not taking terrible shots, and actually playing some defense.  There are certainly exceptions...Miles Beatty comes to mind as a player who likely took more shots during a single summer at Kenner than he did in a GW uniform.  I also realize this sounds like a very biased observation but I really don't think this is the case.  The majority of each crowd tends to back Georgetown players, many of the Georgetown players frankly act like their shit don't stink, and they are subsequently too happy to ball hog a bit while mugging for the fans.  Our players, along with players from other schools, are there largely for conditioning and because they enjoy the competition (scores are kept, standings and playoff seedings exist, etc.).  Very hard to simulate the win-loss aspects during our own summer workouts, even if nobody will remember who raised the Kenner trophy five minutes after it's been lifted.


8/04/2023 10:23 am  #72

Re: Kenner League 2023

Call your mother with Ricky, Brendan Adams, and Nick Griffin beat (I think) regular season champs Quashie with scoring leader Eric Greene in 2OT to advance to the Semis.  Ricky was the PotG.


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