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8/04/2023 4:49 pm  #1


Now that Kenner is winding down I'm starting to get excited for the upcoming basketball season and started to look on the bookstore site, Amazon and other online retailers for some Revolutionaries gear for myself and my kid and there was none to be found.  Does anyone have any insight on when gear will be available and what it will look like?


8/04/2023 4:53 pm  #2

Re: Swag?

Women´s football/soccer starts the Revolutionaries Era tomorrow, it will be interesting to see what garb they are wearing. Your answer may be taking to the field tomorrow...


8/04/2023 7:29 pm  #3

Re: Swag?

didn't see any sweatshirts at the bookstore except those with logos of "GW" or "GDUB with few exceptions.


8/04/2023 7:36 pm  #4

Re: Swag?

Not officially licensed swag but a funny take on the new moniker


8/05/2023 6:02 am  #5

Re: Swag?

That... is... awesome!!!


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