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8/15/2023 7:38 am  #1

A10 Talk GW Off-season Summary

A good read for those looking for a quick summary of the squad:


8/15/2023 8:26 am  #2

Re: A10 Talk GW Off-season Summary

cagwu wrote:

A good read for those looking for a quick summary of the squad:

Thanks for sharing.  By far, the best off season article on GW that I have seen.


8/15/2023 11:24 am  #3

Re: A10 Talk GW Off-season Summary

I enjoyed this article as well.

This team really has the ability to go 12 deep if this is what CC wants.  While I am guessing it will not be quite 12, there is just so much flexibility with respect to lineup construction.  They can go big, small, defense, outside shooting, etc based on what is called for.  Am hoping that if Trey and Christian do not see the minutes they are hoping for, they will be patient as JB's minutes will become available after this season.

My hope is that we can take advantage of this newfound depth.  There will be a tendency to want to play JB and Max 35+ minutes apiece.  This very well might be warranted on some nights but it would also be nice to see others get meaningful experience even if this comes at their expense.  It will stand to reason that the team may be worse off with one or both sitting more than they are used to, but how much worse off is the question?  Might be better to sacrifice a bit when we can get away with doing so in order to provide a deep bench with important game experience.

There is no denying that we are in a day and age where not everyone plays as much as they would like or feel that they deserve.  Transferring out is practically an inevitability on the part of some.  This will be a delicate balancing act that CC and staff will be cognizant of throughout the season. 

My point is that if depth is considered a strong asset on this year's team, I hope we will take advantage by utilizing this depth.  My sense is that unlike last year and many other years, the drop-off in playing "the second team" will not be so precipitous.. 


8/15/2023 6:32 pm  #4

Re: A10 Talk GW Off-season Summary

Agree that playing time and minutes are tricky, but that’s where coaches have to be crafty and creative.  In the next 2 months so many relationships will form and different skill sets and maturity levels will emerge.  Very confident that CC et al will foster respect and a winning mentality where everyone buys in.

It will take shape when different combos are tried and the ball handlers, shooters, defenders, rebounders, and dawgs rise up.  Pretty sure that the coaching staff has an individual plan for each player to develop along with a plan as a team.

Playing time will be earned at practice and confident the team will agree since players were brought in based on, among other things, character.  When they start to believe in themselves and each other, the minutes will come with the joy of winning. 

I couldn’t get over Amir Harris last year.  CC and co. got the most out of him in years.  He never showed those defensive skills before. And now there are a bunch of yet to be discovered talents that make this exciting.

If pressuring the ball on D is what CC likes to do he now has Jacoi and Trey and others to get after it. 

Can’t wait to see the rotations.  JB and Max will welcome the breathers they didn’t get last year.  There will be plenty of minutes to go around.  And watch out for other shooters to emerge. Can’t wait


8/16/2023 9:28 am  #5

Re: A10 Talk GW Off-season Summary

Several things:

1. CC is not going 12 deep ... basically said so on the call.
2. In light of #1, somebody (or a few somebodies) is (are) not going to be happy. That's the nature of college basketball today. The good news is due to prior transfers, really the only ones to be concerned about are the freshmen. But in this day and age we will likely lose somebody at the end of the year. It just is what it is these days. Hard to predict who at this point with so many unknowns. It would be nearly impossible for CC to retain all of his freshmen unless all play a major role (unlikely). And if someone does really well there is a good chance one of the P5's will come calling with NIL money. As the season progresses we will have a better understanding of where the risks lie.
3. In light of #1 and #2, roster continuity will not be what us old heads are used to. The days of watching freshmen develop for 4 years as a class are largely over. It will be plug and play from now on as we adapt to the landscape which changes each year based on player performance and PT. CC understands this and will adjust accordingly. As I always say, each year everyone is full of sunshine and good team vibes until the games begin and then the clouds start forming for some. When CC says he's playing 8 or 9, I promise everyone in that room thinks that he's talking about someone else who won't play much. Remember, all of these freshmen played a lot of minutes on every team they were on so they have no ability to predict when that is going to change. It is shocking when it does. 
4. As a result of #'s 1-3, it is really premature to project rotations, playing style and playing time outside of proven players JB and Max (assuming health). By early December, we will start to understand how CC sees it. And that's really all that is going to matter.  

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