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8/26/2023 9:43 pm  #21

Re: New Rev Logos

After seeing what St. Joe’s did to kill their previously immortal Hawk and what Davidson did to “refresh” their logo (a la GW’s infamous font change modernization), we shouldn’t be quite so upset about becoming the Revolutionaries. Based on attending this weekend’s volleyball matches, fans easily cheer “Let’s go Revs” as well as old standby, “Let’s go G-Dub” (with or without the associated clap). Even the PA guy saying “George Washington Revolutionaries” didn’t sound as weird as I expected. As for clothing, I was surprised how many of my volleyball shirts had Colonials on them though I did find one without for each game. Had no desire for an F-U choice to register displeasure over the moniker change. Time to move on.


8/28/2023 8:24 am  #22

Re: New Rev Logos

One thing Davidson did get right was having the gear ready to match the new brand (at least for the athletes on the reveal... I don't know what's for sale down that way). I too am trying to just go along with the change, but finding myself suddenly scarce on "appropriate" GW clothing.


9/01/2023 4:22 pm  #23

Re: New Rev Logos

Caught a few minutes of the Georgia Southern GW volleyball (don’t ask)-the jerseys had in capital letters
GDUB on them.They were losing badly at that time.


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