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10/11/2023 9:55 am  #1

Off-Topic Warning

Without getting into detail about my disgust and anger over the events that occurred this weekend in Israel (that's a topic for another message board), one thing that affects us all is GW's reaction to these events. Unless I missed it ... so far silence in the face of SJP student rallies for Palestinians celebrating Jewish deaths and urging more of them. This is completely unacceptable. It's time GW took a stand. How are Jewish students expected to go to class with those who wish their death? With all the safe space rhetoric that has emanated from GW on a variety of topics over the years, where is the safe space from these thugs? GW can't control their speech but they sure as hell can condemn it and make it very clear that any threats or genocidal rhetoric will be taken seriously. Now is not the time for cowardice. Stand-up GW. We will see if President Granberg is up to the task.

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10/11/2023 11:51 am  #2

Re: Off-Topic Warning

"Danger, Will Robinson"
Rising, nothing good can come from posting about this situation on this forum. There's so many other venues to vent your frustrations.
Also, a forum to discuss the sad state of affairs for GW Basketball shouldn't even be mentioned together with the real world issues going on today.


10/11/2023 12:19 pm  #3

Re: Off-Topic Warning

Sorry Joel, couldn’t disagree more.  Don’t know what esteemed forums you participate in, but referring to the state of GW basketball as “sad” is simply propaganda.
Au Contraire my friend, things are quite encouraging.  Please revisit us once the season is underway. Meanwhile happy forum hunting


10/11/2023 2:52 pm  #4

Re: Off-Topic Warning

Rising, this is not to defend the other side of this matter but is instead intended to explain it.  This school, and many others around the country, are flat out afraid to even condemn free speech.  Because no matter how outrageous you or I may consider the rhetoric to be, there will be another side claiming that they're free speech rights are being violated.

Earlier this year, Dr. Lara Sheehi, a GW diversity course professor of all things, was exonerated from charges of antisemitism.  This review which was conducted independently, found that a few of the students in the class advocated for an expansive view of the definition of antisemitism which, if accepted in the university environment, could infringe upon free speech principles and academic freedom. 

This professor tweeted from her own personal account (which does not violate GW's social media policies):

Israelis are so fucking racist.
Fuck Zionism
Fuck every person who is not yet an anti-Zionist

And here was the school's statement about these tweets:

"the university strongly denounces the use of profane language directed at any group of people, including in private tweets,” the university said. “Crowell (the investigator) found, however, that the tweets were made in a private Twitter account that was only briefly visible to the public … While the university disapproves of the tone of the tweets, GW policies recognize the right of faculty to articulate their points of view consistent with the university’s strong commitment to academic freedom.”

So quite sadly, GW will likely sit this one out no matter how egregious Palestinians celebrating Jewish deaths may be.


10/11/2023 6:03 pm  #5

Re: Off-Topic Warning

For those who know me, it won’t surprise anyone that I have strong feelings on this subject.   It also won’t surprise anyone I’m close to that I choose not to share them online with anyone outside close friends and family. 

However, I feel very strongly that this topic is very important.   It doesn’t belong in this men’s basketball forum, but I want to leave it on here if for no thread on that this is a place where we all share the bond having been a part of GW (and GW a part of us) for much of our lives. 

I’m going to move this to a different part of the site (General Discussion) and leave a link to follow to that folder.  As long as we’re voicing opinions and not attacking at a personal level, I’m good leaving this active. 

Thanks for understanding. 



10/11/2023 6:36 pm  #6

Re: Off-Topic Warning

Thank you Barry.


10/11/2023 10:30 pm  #7

Re: Off-Topic Warning

Nice Barry, good response to an asymetrical situation. (sp. I know)


10/12/2023 8:58 am  #8

Re: Off-Topic Warning

I agree 100% with Rising.  The interim President didn't have the balls to call out antisemitism that has raged on campus.  There are numerous examples other than the Jew hating professor who was cleared because the University was afraid of the radical student groups and what they may do (protest/riot/damage property/mar GW's image?).  

Since we have a new President, Ellen Granberg, this is her chance to do the right thing... imagine if another minority was effected/affected?  We put slogans on the basketball court and BLM this and BLM that, but the founder of BLM wants to remove Israel from the map (google or twitter search this one).  

GW must make a stand, and with tomorrow's celebrations of a massacre on our campus and others, we will find out - other than Granberg's statement she put out yesterday or overnight.  

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10/12/2023 9:49 am  #9

Re: Off-Topic Warning

Dr. Granberg's statement certainly condemned the terrorism.  At the same time, she also points out the right to free speech as long as this is conducted within the boundaries of the law and school policy.

It is very hard to have a personal connection and still maintain an unbiased view.  We all know that free speech, done lawfully, is an inalienable right.  That said, I believe the mentioning of this as a part of Dr. Granberg's statement was an effort to be inclusive to all.  Given the egregious atrocities taking place, I would have much preferred that this did not appear as part of her statement.  My sense is this inclusion will only serve to anger many individuals even further.

However, I do believe this is a college/university problem and not at all solely a Dr. Granberg problem.  In an effort to somehow always appear to be politically correct, there are times where these efforts backfire.  I do believe this is one of these times.


10/12/2023 10:36 am  #10

Re: Off-Topic Warning

Yes, she put out a word salad statement typical of academia. Threw in a few buzzwords so that it was objectively defensible at some level but not strong enough.

However, two things are underfoot. Many Jewish GW donors are pissed and there is the beginning of a movement to withhold donations if GW allows this to continue.. This will likely get everyone's attention at GW. I am talking about huge donors. Just like there is a right to free speech there is a right to not financially support that which you don't agree with. Second, led mainly by Bill Ackman's efforts at Harvard, I am hearing that there is an effort at GW to identify the students calling for genocide. We will see how employers react and how the students react to learning that words have consequences - just like the law student at NYU found out yesterday when her offer of employment was rescinded by Winston & Strawn because of her hateful rhetoric. These are not babies but young adults who can reasonably be expected to know that calling for genocide of any race or religion in a civilized society is wrong. 

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10/12/2023 2:53 pm  #11

Re: Off-Topic Warning

On GW Campus - calling for Destruction of Israel: river to the sea


10/12/2023 8:35 pm  #12

Re: Off-Topic Warning

A lot of feelings about this-obviously.Frankly I’m still processing all the information that’s being thrown at all of us.More later when I get my shit together.For now I want to thank Mayhem and especially Rising for getting 
the ball rolling on this issue .Big props to Rising.


10/13/2023 8:32 am  #13

Re: Off-Topic Warning

Leadership is not speaking up at Harvard.  And Northwestern.  And the University of Pennsylvania.  And I'm sure at many other schools that have not yet made the national news.  The common denominator appears to be a very real threat to withhold donations (as Rising pointed out is happening at GW) until these schools take the correct stand.

And while people can differ in many instances over what a correct stand entails, I think it's instructive to think of this as Hamas vs. Jews rather than Palestine vs. Israel.  Hamas is a terrorist organization which does not reflect the views of all or even most Palestinians.  Since it's sole reason for being is to wipe out all of the Jews on the planet, I truly don't think it's too hard for any university to figure out which side is the right one to be on regarding this conflict.

This is not the time to balance an argument with "the right to free speech", not when that side's message is to "kill all of the Jews."  "Kill all of the Palestinians" would absolutely be no better.

Let me end by saying that I am no expert.  If I am getting any of this wrong or am misinterpreting anything, I am open to learning where I am missing the point.


10/13/2023 11:41 am  #14

Re: Off-Topic Warning

Let's start with the most basic of chants by SJP ... "From the river to sea, Palestine will be free". So the notion is from the Jordan River to Mediterranean sea will be controlled by Palestinians. What happens to Israelis and Israel? Ask SJP. They will tell you. GENOCIDE

Let's go to the next chant - "Long Live Hamas." This is akin to saying Long Live Nazis, Long Live ISIS, Long Live OBL. All of these entities have one common goal among many - kill the Jews. GENOCIDE

Let's go to the next chant - "Hey hey hey ho Israel has got to go" Again, ask SJP what they mean. Israel wiped off the planet. GENOCIDE.

Now let's look at their tactics of protesting in America outside of Jewish but not Israeli entities. This happened right here at GW. Protested outside of Hillel last year. Hillel is not an Israeli organization. Why? Because it is all Jews that are the problem in their eyes. GENOCIDE.

SJP has told you who they are. When someone tells you who they are, believe them.

So we have Universities trying to play the both sides game with Genocide. No thanks. All of a sudden free speech is paramount. What if someone on campus called a rally and said "Kill all the gays" or expressed euphemisms for the same? These very same Universities would spring into action faster than I can type this and rightfully so. They should do the same for Jews without equivocation. 

To be fair, some universities have taken a stronger stand - I believe Florida and Arizona are among them. It's unfortunate that there are others like GW and Harvard who try to have it both ways. There is no having it both ways with SJP and the hate they preach and believe in.

SJP should be banished from campus as a GW student organization, plain and simple. And if individuals speak these things publicly they should be brought up on violations of student conduct the same way they would be as if someone told gays at GW they should all be dead.

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10/13/2023 1:00 pm  #15

Re: Off-Topic Warning

GWRising and I see it the same way.  Well put.  


10/13/2023 2:56 pm  #16

Re: Off-Topic Warning

Not to be too flip because this is a very serious matter but if GW is going to continue to allow SJP to spew their bile maybe they could at least officially acknowledge it as "Hamas GW" moving forward.

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10/25/2023 11:34 am  #17

Re: Off-Topic Warning

Credit to Jake Sherman for reporting the following:

Mitch McConnell this morning on the Senate floor:

"Last night, at GWU here in the nation's capital, student activists projected anti-semitic messages on the side of a campus building named for a pair of Jewish benefactors.  They issued a call to 'free Palestine from the river to the sea.'  For anyone unfamiliar with Israel's geography, that is a call for the destruction of the Jewish state."

GW has acknowledged that this act (projections on a campus building) was a violation of university policy.  And defenders of this act are pointing out that anti-Zionism does not necessarily equate to anti-semitism.

It's time to put an end to these on-campus demonstrations.  Free speech can in fact be carried too far and that's what's happening here.  To my knowledge, these anti-Zionist demonstrations were not taking place prior to the brutal attack of Hamas.  They are, in fact, a response to this attack.  While I do believe that many Palestinians do not want to witness the eradication of all Jews, I am also of the mindset that there are some who very much would like to see this outcome.  That in and of itself is enough to put an end to these on-campus demonstrations.

This is some situation for a brand new university president to have to step herself into to, but now is the time for Dr. Granberg to be a real leader.  Her initial response was acceptance as long as the demonstrations were conducted peacefully and lawfully.  Last night's actions did in fact violate university policy.   It's time to put an end to these demonstrations.


10/25/2023 3:13 pm  #18

Re: Off-Topic Warning

I warned 14 days ago about this. GW took a weak both sides approach and now they see what it got them - donors are bailing now - why would they financially support a school which passively supports this hate speech?

The perpetrators should be kicked out of GW at a minimum and perhaps criminally charged. GW should threaten the same for any future acts. Zero tolerance immediately or the consequences will be devastating for GW. This is not free speech but hate speech. It is designed to intimidate, harass, and injure.

It is time for the adults to regain control and put these assholes in their place.

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10/26/2023 9:54 am  #19

Re: Off-Topic Warning

Well if President Granberg's first crisis is any indication, GW is in trouble. A weak sauce word salad statement about the anti-semitic statements projected on Gelman Library. She even managed to weave in Islamophobia to an event that had absolutely nothing to do with Islamophobia. Why didn't she also talk about other forms of racism and bigotry since she was on subjects that had nothing to do with the events at hand? (sarcasm)

She is being roasted this morning by alumni and donors alike as she should. Maybe this job is too big for her coming from a much smaller less political environment. Time will tell. She is losing goodwill fast and her honeymoon has now all but evaporated. Take a stand Madam President! It's not too late. Right now, your men's basketball coach gets it way better than you do.

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10/31/2023 1:18 pm  #20


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