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10/21/2023 10:45 am  #1

Increase to Coaching staff

Looks like Athletics spending more money on the Women’s Team recruiting/staffing.  While a few are entry level lower paying positions, it still shows a commitment to the program.  5 additions (2 GA, 1 asst HC, 1 DBO and 1 recruiter).  Article on


10/21/2023 9:23 pm  #2

Re: Increase to Coaching staff

are these folks replacements or new staff?  Isn't it awfully late to be replacing/adding new staff?


10/21/2023 11:49 pm  #3

Re: Increase to Coaching staff

The key additions have been around working with the team since the summer and the two new coaches traveled to Italy and Greece with them. It's just GW HR finally getting around to dotting i's and crossing t's for the announcements to be made.


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