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1/08/2024 11:47 am  #1

Non-Conference Schedule Redux

I think we can safely say after two games that the weak non-conference schedule has had little to no impact on our A-10 conference start. Both games were winnable and we were competitive in both. There was nothing to suggest we weren't ready for the type of competition we would see in the A-10. This year was always more about developing a team than it was about the opponent and I believe it will continue to be. As the announcers correctly pointed out Saturday, GW has very few players who have completed a full college season. This is a work in progress and just as they thrilled us Saturday there are bound to be games where we will be left scratching our heads. Schedules matter if you are playing for the post season. Hard to decide to play for the post season when you don't know what you have yet (at the time the 2023-24 schedule was made). CC correctly used the schedule to develop his team at a pace it could handle. He will undoubtedly have a different view as the program develops in future years.


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