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1/23/2024 12:55 pm  #1

Most Used Lineups

A10 Stats posted the most used lineups for all teams and some stats.  So far, the best lineup by a pretty wide margin is our small ball with DBJ at the 5.  

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1/23/2024 2:26 pm  #2

Re: Most Used Lineups

Interesting how much changing Jacoi with Autry (together with JBIV, Max, Garrett, and Stretch) improves the offense and more than makes up for the weaker D.  Net improvement of +21 between the two lineups.


1/23/2024 2:31 pm  #3

Re: Most Used Lineups

These are fascinating stats, though one caveat is that the starting 5 is generally going against other team’s starters while the small ball lineup that is crushing the NET is often going against other’s teams’ benches.


1/23/2024 3:05 pm  #4

Re: Most Used Lineups

Well, now there is some proof for why I prefer to see more Jacobi and less Stretch.  Stretch can be liability on offense. When he gets an offensive rebound, he rarely has the ability to take the ball back up to the basket and score. He usually passes the ball back out. Also, my guess is that he miss handles passes underneath the basket almost as often as he catches the ball and scores.  While he has great shot blocking ability, he doesn't seem to have the hands to regularly score points basket.  And on defense, he sure isn't the rebounder that he should be. Stretch's  shot blocking attemps too often put him out of position for a rebound or he is just simply too often out of positoon to get as many rebounds as it seems he should with his height and wing span. Just look at what a better rebounder Max is. I think the opposition knows Stretch is not an offensive threat and doesn't have to guard his as closley as the other GW players.  This all might be a lack of experience. Other than James and Max he doesn't have much more college basketball experience than the rest of the team.  So maybe there's hope for improvement the rest of the season. Speaking of the rest of the season, I fear we will have trouble equaling last season's 9-9 record. Yes, I know the A-10 is improved. You have to like how Jacobi continues to improve, but we miss BA to keep things calm and control the game when Bishop is struggling with turnovers or when another strong option is needed, Also, is Stretch an improvement compared to Dean? We replaced a center who is now a backup for an SEC team with a center who got virtually no playing time for an SEC team. Yes, I know Auburn is better than LSU. It sure would have been nice if Stretch had another year of eligibility so we could see this as more of a developmental year for him.


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