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2/02/2024 7:01 pm  #1

The March Madness Bubble

February is here and with it bubble time

The A10 has a lock in Dayton a bubble resume in Richmond and a few other teams that could play their way on to the bubble with a strong month of February

Around the country you have some of the bigger names in the sport including Gonzaga with their quarter century streak of NCAA tournaments on the line

Gonzaga has a top 20 computer ranking but lacking a quad one win as of yet firmly on the bubble

Texas and a host of other power programs as well firmly bubble resumes at the moment

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2/03/2024 8:44 am  #2

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Thought I would post this here instead of creating its own thread. Patrick Stevens wrote a nice story with a headline that could be about us---College basketball’s biggest mystery is a team that suddenly stopped winning
Instead, it's about Memphis. 


2/03/2024 1:40 pm  #3

Re: The March Madness Bubble

The Memphis descent has been incredible

Anyone else think of the former GW player every time they see that guy's name?

Jerry Palm has Richmond in as an 11 and Dayton as a 6


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2/07/2024 8:30 pm  #4

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Gonzaga is up 22-3 a few minutes into this game

Premature to say they must win the WCC Tourney, they still have 3 Quad 1 games on the regular season slate, but even with the #22 Computer ranking they def need to add to the resume

Question for the A10 teams, can non Dayton teams play their way onto the Bubble? Richmond looks like a real possibility but they too need to keep adding to the resume

Michigan won tonight over Wisconsin the 3rd Quad 1 Win for Michigan, an 8-15 team, a reminder that Quad 1 wins are 1 factor the Committee looks at somehow this gets described often as THE only factor.   

Gonzaga won by 32 if they had not played the very back of the bench it would be more like 50, they at computer rankings, all sorts of things. 

Tremendous win for Providence over Creighton, The Friars having lost their big star Hopkins for the season with injury have perservered and are very much themselves a bubble team,  4-5 in Quad 1.  DeCourcy has them already in before this big win


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2/09/2024 11:14 pm  #5

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Quad 1 win for VCU tonight.  

VCU with 5-2 Quad 2 record, has now put themself at least in the bubble conversation, more work to be done for sure.   More Quad 1 win games coming up vs Richmond and Dayton


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2/10/2024 6:35 pm  #6

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Gonzaga beats mighty Kentucky on the road!!!

Enormous victory for Gonzaga!
The slipper still fits!

What a resume booster for a team with already excellent computer rankings on the bubble

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2/12/2024 11:56 pm  #7

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Bubble team Texas Tech beat #6 Kansas 79-50!

Doesn't get much better than that for a Bubble resume.  

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2/14/2024 10:40 pm  #8

Re: The March Madness Bubble

In a pivotal bubble showdown, Seton Hall blew out Xavier.  

Seton Hall has an intriguing resume including a 15 point win over 23-2 #1 UConn 

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2/15/2024 8:49 pm  #9

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Another huge win for Rutgers!!  The GW duo strikes again

beating Northwestern in a battle of Bubble teams

Rutgers who has been red hot has played their way back near the bubble with 3 Quad 1 wins  over Maryland Seton Hall and Wisconsin


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2/19/2024 12:55 am  #10

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Rough year for the superstars returning to Coach their alma matter.  

Juwan Howard's team is 8-18, from National Title games under Beilein to 8-18, what a descent.

and Penny after a HUGE OOC Memphis team has fallen apart entirely from a near lock to a bubble team to off the bubble, piling up bad losses and now a huge blowout loss

their KenPom has dropped to 90 after a drubbing by SMU  106-79


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2/19/2024 9:48 pm  #11

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Bubble UVA loses 75-41 to Virginia Tech

Brutal blowout for a bubble team!

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2/20/2024 2:08 pm  #12

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Both USA Today and the Post have the A-10 being a one-bid league. What on earth will it take for Bernadette to get fired?


2/20/2024 2:35 pm  #13

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Alum '04 wrote:

Both USA Today and the Post have the A-10 being a one-bid league. What on earth will it take for Bernadette to get fired?

Jon Rothstein can be a cliche at times, and I think Mooney rightly called him out on how difficult OOC scheduling is nowadays, but he made a good point that the A-10 really needs to move to a 16-game conference schedule.  Once conference season starts, our teams are just not getting enough Q1 and Q2 games to build an at large resume. 


2/20/2024 4:24 pm  #14

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Lunardi just updated his bracket, Gonzaga powered by a win at Kentucky now in his field along with Seton Hall who pounded St John's in The Garden.

If anyone but Dayton wins the tourney we will get at least 2 teams, same ol' story.   VCU Bonnies and Richmond all have a NET around 70 and at least 1 Quad win, so if they can make a big push a 2nd at large invite in addition to Dayton is feasible.   At the moment they are all short in the resume although VCU with 5 Quad 2 wins is a clear candidate they have Quad 1 win games vs Richmond and Dayton coming up plus A10 Tourney chances to pick up another Quad 1 win,

UVA on the other hand, despite a 50s NET and just 2 Quad 1 wins... an firmly in the field with a 9 seed!   Must be nice to lose 75-41 to a team not in the field and have virtually no impact!   UVA not only has just 2 Quad 1s they are getting torched in their Losses, all 4 Quad 1 losses by 20-34 points. 

 That's a 9 seed resume???


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2/20/2024 8:03 pm  #15

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Makes GW69 words appropriate Dude. NCAA is screwed up. I stopped watching the NCAA tourney when the underdog conferences are eliminated. I don't care anymore. Same teams year after year. $$$$ plus greed has screwed up college basketball. 


2/20/2024 8:41 pm  #16

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Missouri, losers of 12 straight, tied with #5 Tennessee at home with 10 min to play.


2/21/2024 12:26 am  #17

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Adrian Autry's Syracuse squad has won back to back Quad 1 wins over North Carolina and At NC State 

17 wins and now 3 Quad 1 wins.  Computer #s not great so will need to keep it going.  They are 9-3 in Quad 2 & 3 played a strong schedule.   1-2 more Quad 1 wins from the bubble to overcome their computer #s but strong first year for Trey's Dad at Cuse.

On the flipside, some brutal bubble losses, Pittsburgh loses to Wake 91-58 and Texas A&M loses at home to a bad Arkansas team for their FIFTH Quad 3 loss.  Not a lot of at large bids to teams with FIVE Quad 3 losses! Swept by Arkansas, beat by #227 Vandy 

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2/22/2024 12:29 am  #18

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Quad 1 win for George Mason over Dayton tonight

Doesn't look like any of the non Daytons as of y et have a strong enough resume, the league has gotten much better this year and yet the wins among the top of the league have spread out in such a way it looks like all the non Dayton resumes may well fall short.    

Brutal bubble loss of the night:  Cincinnati right on the edge of last team in lists, loses at home a to very bad Oklahoma St team. Back to back losses in Quad 3, West Virginia and now Oklahoma St ... Oklahoma St was 1-12 vs  Quad 2 and Quad 1 coming into the game, brutal loss at home.


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2/22/2024 7:40 am  #19

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Exciting times for college basketball! The A10 is heating up, and teams are making their case for the coveted NCAA tournament spots. Gonzaga's impressive computer ranking is notable, but the absence of a quad one win keeps them on the bubble. Keep a close eye on Texas and other power programs as they navigate the challenging path to secure their spots. February promises to be a decisive month!


2/22/2024 1:58 pm  #20

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Sad time for men’s college basketball in DC. GW and Georgetown are both in second to last place in their conferences. Maryland (just outside DC, but close enough) is in third to last place. Howard and American are each one game above .500 in bad conferences. Looks like the NCAA Tourney will be without a DC team yet again, even though DC is supposed to be a great area for young basketball players.

Incidentally, DC men’s pro teams aren’t any better. The Commanders finished second to last in the NFL, and that is where the Wizards currently sit in the NBA. The Nationals were near the bottom of the league last year too. Only the Caps are above .500, but they are old and will miss the playoffs for a second year in a row.

What a depressing time to be a DC sports fan…

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