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Glad to see there's a category for other sports as there are far more GW athletes deserving recognition and support besides men's basketball. If that's not your cup of tea, so be it. But right now the best GW team entering the 2019-20 school year is the women's softball team. The rising senior class is the equivalent of the Pops-Hall-Omar contingent and for us older folks, the Tallent-Burwell-Harper-Morris class.


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Re: Softball

Great to see you on here Poog.  Definitely good to have a place for other sports.


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Re: Softball

Did I see softball were denied an NCAA bid by the A-10 not having a way to reschedule the championship game in case of rain? Meet the new A-10, same as the old incompetent A-10.


7/23/2019 3:56 pm  #4

Re: Softball

Not really. Sunday game was rained out. NCAA draw was scheduled to be released that evening. A-10 rules called for regular season champion to represent the league if conference tourney couldn't be completed. One can question league's decision not to have Fordham play Saint Joseph's on Friday to determine who would emerge from the loser's bracket so that the championship game(s) could be completed that Saturday. But it was certainly fair to award Fordham the automatic bid for winning the regular season championship. We would expect no less for GW if the situation was reversed. Biggest culprit seems to have been what I believe was the A-10's rule that teams couldn't play 3 games in 1 day. That needs to be revisited, especially when it comes to the conference championship. Fact that there was a disparity in regular league games played also strongly suggests that rule should be reviewed with respect to postponed games. I suspect it will, even if no changes are made.

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Re: Softball

Not scheduling the conference tourney to end so close to Selections being announced might not be a bad idea, either.


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Re: Softball

Nice video here:
Riley Tejcek: From GW Softball to US Marine Corps 

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Re: Softball


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Re: Softball

Weren´t they robbed of an NCAA berth last year when the conference could not organize a complete conference tournament?


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Re: Softball


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Re: Softball

Women begin the season tomorrow in the Puerto Vallarta College Challenge!  They play BYU and Utah Valley tomorrow, Oregon on Friday, and Long Beach State and powerhouse Oklahoma on Saturday. 


2/09/2020 1:08 pm  #12

Re: Softball

Team had a very competitive 5-3 game against #3 Oklahoma last night.

Megan Osterhaus had a complete-game.

After the game, Jenna Cone and Osterhaus were honored on the PV College Challenge All-Tournament Team.


2/23/2020 4:02 pm  #13

Re: Softball

Life with an injured Sierra Lange is rough. The team is trg to work with the pitchers that they had. Lange was probably the A10's most dangerous batter behind Cone ... she would protect Cone in the order and gave GW a million innings of pitching. 

Against Brown, Faith Weber hurled a complete win and powered the Colonials at the plate with two homers.

Let's hope that the women can put together some magic!!!!


3/03/2020 4:49 pm  #15

Re: Softball


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