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2/08/2020 8:17 pm  #1

GW vs Mason Game Thread

Back on the Road for Mason next. 

Mason is 13-9.  Should be a tough test


2/12/2020 10:41 am  #2

Re: GW vs Mason Game Thread

So, I'm an adjunct faculty member at George Mason.  Yesterday, sitting in their student center having lunch, a member of their athletic department was walking around and chatting up all of the students to get them to come to the game on Saturday (there's a Mason blanket giveaway for students).   I introduced myself and the conversation led to my past work in GW Athletics back in the '90s, our common knowledge of former GMU AD and our then AD Jack Kvancz...quite civil and friendly.

Then I said, we are really not very good right now...missing a lot of players.  He came back at me and said Mason's not very good either.  This led to a humorous discussion of which of our teams was worse, each of us pushing our own team as if lowering expectations would make it better when our respective team loses.  

I'm afraid this game is going to be one of those for sure...not who wins but who can best avoid losing.  



2/12/2020 12:03 pm  #3

Re: GW vs Mason Game Thread

BGF,  GW is 4-7 in conference play, while George Mason is 2-8(and GW won the first meeting at Smith Center), so that member of Mason's athletic department was right about Mason being worse right now. HA! 

George Mason plays at VCU tonight at 7 on ESPNU, so they'll likely be coming off a humiliating loss heading into the GW game over the weekend(Mason's last game was a loss at UMass on Sunday). Also, George Mason started their 'Fire Dave Paulsen' thread immediately after they lost to GW when they THOUGHT that GW was a lot worse than them. 

I know a lot of you are down after these last 3 blowout losses for GW, but seeing that George Mason may be in a worse spot than GW and the earlier loss to GW caused them to officially turn on their coach should bring you some joy!! LOL

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2/12/2020 11:44 pm  #4

Re: GW vs Mason Game Thread

Well, I would have agreed with your assessment of GMU vs. VCU, in Richmond, Thomas, however the loss was not humiliating for Mason.  In fact, it was a win for Mason, who looked very good for the last 10 minutes or so of the game that I got to watch.  With our depleted roster, I am not feeling too optimistic about Saturday and yest, GWAA...I agree that Davidson was the high point of the year...maybe the high point for the last 3 seasons, and I cannot see us winning more than 2 or 3 games this season (Mason, Lasalle and maybe an A-10 tourny game if we have to play on Wednesday.  If we remain as injured as we are, I may even lower that estimate to 1 more win for the rest of the season.   As for Saturday's game, I will put in a plug for the local GW fans to not only be present, , but to also attend the "Raise High Tailgate" at 3 pm at the Brion's Grille in Fairfax.  For $25.00, you get a ticket in the "lower bowl" plus the reception.  There are also tickets available for the "upper bowl" for a lower price (I believe $15.00).  I have been to the two other road pregame reception (Fordham and Richmond), and Danielle, Jennifer and crew  do a great job of putting it together.  Both receptions were attended by former players who are very accessible.  Prior to the Richmond game, I had a nice long conversation with Chris Monroe, who is an off the charts nice guy and basically answered whatever I asked him.   Again, an opportunity to socialize before the game, eat and drink, and support the team.  LSF gives the event  4 stars.

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2/12/2020 11:52 pm  #5

Re: GW vs Mason Game Thread

I didn't catch the game on ESPNU, but just saw that Mason won on the road tonight at VCU 72-67, led by a strong showing by AJ Wilson. Hopefully the week off helps and we're able to get some of the squad off the DL. Any updates on Armel, AT, Amir, Juice, or Javy?


2/13/2020 12:42 am  #6

Re: GW vs Mason Game Thread

LSF   yeah, I did get the humiliation part right, it was just VCU who was humiliated!! LOL  But seriously, that was a stunning result based on how VCU and George Mason were playing leading into the game, GMU had lost 4 straight and 6 of it's last 7 games. The announcers kept talking about the dreaded "VCU Run" that they have which always puts teams away at home, but it never really happened!! This loss to George Mason may have cost VCU an NCAA tournament bid

GW is still 1 game ahead of George Mason in the standings. I think GW can be competitive or win this game at George Mason if they get Armel Potter back. Despite having a very good post player in AJ Wilson, George Mason doesn't present the same matchup problems as Rhode Island, St.Bonaventure and Richmond.  

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2/13/2020 1:11 am  #7

Re: GW vs Mason Game Thread

Mason is now 14-10 and has a KenPom over 70 spots ahead of us

Playing them on the road, as predicted is going to be very difficult.  

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2/13/2020 7:55 am  #8

Re: GW vs Mason Game Thread

That was a rough loss for VCU's resume.  Reminded me of the gut punch A-10 losses we would have in 14-15 and 15-16.  VCU still has a shot left against Dayton but it wouldn't surprise me to see VCU in the NITs.


2/15/2020 10:45 am  #9

Re: GW vs Mason Game Thread

Today's game will be on NBC SportsNetwork at 4:30, it's the 3rd game of an A-10 triple-header on NBC SportsNetwork

GW0509,  I'm glad you brought it up first(LOL) because VCU losing at home to a struggling George Mason team also reminded me of the perplexing losses that GW's 14-15 and 15-16 teams suffered which cost them NCAA tournament bids. 



2/15/2020 11:56 am  #10

Re: GW vs Mason Game Thread

GW is 6.5-7 point underdogs.   ESPN lists status of both Potter and Harris as game time decision.  Not feeling good about this one, even with Potter and Harris in game.


2/15/2020 12:35 pm  #11

Re: GW vs Mason Game Thread

Not good to have both out,along with our puzzling self-imposed losses. Wonder how long Amir is gone for?
Also Adam got his bell rung last weekend by an elbow,apparently. Hope he can play--and gets a chance.
 Next man up. It's a good day for JNJ to step up and use his great potential and talents wisely. He's had several games where he cut his turnovers way down, so it's possible.
Next man up. 
We've had a week off to lick our wounds and the travel for this road game is hardly grueling. Let's play hard and try and come away with a win.


2/15/2020 4:25 pm  #12

Re: GW vs Mason Game Thread

Potter dressed and warming up. As is Toro. Harris out


2/15/2020 4:31 pm  #13

Re: GW vs Mason Game Thread

Potter starting.


2/15/2020 4:48 pm  #14

Re: GW vs Mason Game Thread

Hideous defense to start. Toro in


2/15/2020 4:48 pm  #15

Re: GW vs Mason Game Thread

Down big already. Nelson misses layup and doesn't feel he needs to get back. Lazy?


2/15/2020 4:50 pm  #16

Re: GW vs Mason Game Thread

No blocking out again.


2/15/2020 4:51 pm  #17

Re: GW vs Mason Game Thread

Battle for 3!


2/15/2020 5:00 pm  #18

Re: GW vs Mason Game Thread

Don’t know if I would bring Chase back in with 2 fouls.  Had to back off last play and allowed easy score for Mason.  We were playing well with him on bench v


2/15/2020 5:01 pm  #19

Re: GW vs Mason Game Thread

Right LSF.


2/15/2020 5:03 pm  #20

Re: GW vs Mason Game Thread

Have we ever gotten an offensive rebound?


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