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8/31/2020 10:47 am  #1

Contracting COVID-19

Hey Fellow Colonials:

So, lets hope none of us get COVID.  This is obvious.  Within the last 2 weeks my 24 year old healthy son and I became infected.  My symptoms were much less severe than his.  His reaction to COVID has been a roller coaster since March.  First he was "we are not going anywhere" - then he was "I'm not in my 70s, I'm healthy, the chances are very low, and if I get it, it will be like a cold"  - then he was "it's getting bad again, we should all watch out where we go" - and then back to "I'm young...".  We think he became infected in a bar, but who knows?

He and I were at our beach house for the days before we started showing symptoms.  Coincidentally, he went back to our primary residence a few hours before he got the chills, etc., and my wife has been caring for him while I have been isolated at the beach.  

Well, 11 days later he has rid himself of the chills and fever, but now has a cough, respiratory issue, upset stomach, and SERIOUS fatigue.  He has a new found respect for this deadly menace and none of us want to imagine what would happen to an older person! 

I'm fine now, minor congestion and upset stomach (like a cold!).  But I am very fortunate as is my wife who has not contracted it.

The point of my post: My pearls of wisdom (which is nothing more than common sense), stay healthy by watching your weight and eating well, wear a mask, and don't take unnecessary chances.  Drill that into your loved one's heads too, even those who are young and healthy, and think it won't happen to them.  When you see photos of gatherings on social media, with all the hugging and kissing, just shake your head and mutter "what the hell are they doing?"

Stay safe out there fellow Colonials!


8/31/2020 11:22 am  #2

Re: Contracting COVID-19

Mike K, am so sorry that you and your son have had to endure this and certainly hope you are both feeling completely better in no time.  In my mind, there can not be enough warnings, cautionary messages, etc. regarding Covid, particularly since our country's leadership has refused or is too ill-equipped to present a cohesive, common sense message to all Americans.

I've heard two pretty horrible stories from people I know who contracted the virus.  One was hospitalized for 17 days, was pretty much on his deathbed thanks in part to hydroxychloroquine not at all working, and then miraculously recovered when switched to chloroquine, and a second person who was ill for about a month and claimed this to be the sickest she had ever felt in her life by far.  The fatality totals are rightfully publicized each day but one thing that gets overlooked is that even to those who don't die, you just don't ever want to feel this sick. 

It would be something if the slogan "we're all in this together" really meant something.  Instead, those who do the right things...wear masks in public, socially distance, stay at home as much as possible, must find a way to coexist with those who somehow still feel that this virus is a hoax or who simply don't care if they get this disease or have concluded that it won't be so bad if they do.

Thanks for the post Mike K.  Like I said, there's no such thing as receiving too many warnings about this.


9/09/2020 3:59 pm  #3

Re: Contracting COVID-19

Here’s wishing your son and you a speedy, complete recovery Mike.


9/09/2020 5:31 pm  #4

Re: Contracting COVID-19

Sorry Mike K. Missed this before.. Hope things are getting better for you and your son.


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