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11/09/2022 1:16 pm  #101

Re: 2023 Recruits

GWRising wrote:

Not 100% sure but I would think this might be a preferred walk-on. Could be wrong though.

Good stuff Rising.  I threw in the um because while I know he visited, there hadn't been any chatter on Twitter or elsewhere that he actually got a scholarship offer. 


11/09/2022 1:35 pm  #102

Re: 2023 Recruits

Seems like a walk-on via his insta:


11/09/2022 2:54 pm  #103

Re: 2023 Recruits

Welcome Luke! Who knows if he was actually offered by the other schools listed, but if he was this is a good sign. We have lost recruits to those schools in the past, and now we have someone giving up a scholarship to walk on.  


11/09/2022 4:33 pm  #104

Re: 2023 Recruits

From Great Neck North?  Know the Blazers well.  Excellent chance he's a preferred walk-on.

Shout out to the north shore.  And, welcome Luke.



11/09/2022 5:22 pm  #105

Re: 2023 Recruits

Looks like he had offers from Manhattan and Towson.


11/16/2022 6:25 pm  #106

Re: 2023 Recruits


12/06/2022 1:04 pm  #107

Re: 2023 Recruits

CBB Europe[/url] [url=]@CBB_Europe 
2023 6-7 G/F Michael Belle has posted back-to-back dbl dbls in the French U21 league last week Highly switchable defender willing to make hustle plays, brings lots of athleticism and a steady two-way production with tantalizing flashes off the dribble and improving % from 3

Belle has been consistent day in day out so far this year. Here's how he ranks in 4 major stat categories in that 18-team league: 17.7 PTS (11th) 8.6 REB (7th) 3.3 AST (28th) 2.4 STL (11th)

Receiving interest from Seton Hall, Colorado St, Utah St, VCU. GW reached out recently.

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2/21/2023 8:55 am  #108

Re: 2023 Recruits

No official offer yet, but our recruiting coordinator Matt Colpoys and CC are following 2023 6'7" F Luke Rasmussen from the Haverford School in PA Luke Rasmussen (@LukeRas04) / Twitter

Highlights: highlights - Luke Rasmussen highlights - Hudl

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2/21/2023 9:35 am  #109

Re: 2023 Recruits

Quick inter-web search did not find anything on some recruiting web sites or other schools who have offered Luke.


2/21/2023 10:42 am  #110

Re: 2023 Recruits

Here's what I found in a City of Basketball Love article from December:

"Still adjusting to life as a post player and not as a 3-point shooting guard, his previous speciality, he’s proving himself to be a versatile ‘4’ man, one who’s got high-level, high-academic Division III programs like Hamilton (N.Y.) and NYU in touch, along with what he said is a “plethora” of local D-IIIs."


2/21/2023 10:58 am  #111

Re: 2023 Recruits

Sounds like a preferred walk on (purely a guess)


2/21/2023 3:13 pm  #112

Re: 2023 Recruits

Good use of the word plethora.
Would be a welcome walk on addition for that, along with his size, and potential to grab some boards,etc.


3/02/2023 11:53 am  #113

Re: 2023 Recruits

2023 SG Dramane 'Ladji' Camara

One of the top available prospects in the entire 2023 class, alongside Abass, is Dramane 'Ladji' Camara. You may not have heard of him but he is a 6-foot-5 shooting guard with long arms, loads of confidence and a flamethrower from three if he gets going. Every second he is on the court, he is a threat to drill a jumper and is not timid with his shot selection.

He is fresh off an official visit to DePaul but has also received interest from Xavier, Clemson, San Jose State, UT Chattanooga, East Carolina and George Washington.



3/02/2023 8:04 pm  #114

Re: 2023 Recruits

Pops has done a good amount of developmental work with African basketball, if we are interested in 
recruiting from there. He may well be able to help. 
Great example for recruits of going to GW and being a success as a pro player in the NBA who also made big money internationally and went into management with an NBA team.


3/22/2023 7:00 am  #115

Re: 2023 Recruits

Nick Jones[/url] [url=]@CoachJonesMPB·11h 
George Washington is the latest to reach out on 6’8 F 23’ @ElijahStrong35_ @MyersPark_Hoops

Elijah Strong was actually highly coveted by George Mason so with the Kim English departure it looks like we're making a move.  

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3/22/2023 8:02 am  #116

Re: 2023 Recruits

6’8” C.  Was named Most Outstanding Player at the North Carolina HS basketball championship as his team won the title. MaxPreps ranks them in the top 25 nationally.

Another tweet says he has offers from George Mason, Bonnies, Duquesne, Illinois St, samford, Mercer.   More recent tweets mention GW and Boston College as being interested.


3/22/2023 8:22 am  #117

Re: 2023 Recruits

Would love to sign a talented frontcourt player out of high school to join the same class as Jacoi, Trey and Christian.  Hate to be totally reliant on the portal. 


3/22/2023 3:26 pm  #118


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