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11/09/2022 1:16 pm  #101

Re: 2023 Recruits

GWRising wrote:

Not 100% sure but I would think this might be a preferred walk-on. Could be wrong though.

Good stuff Rising.  I threw in the um because while I know he visited, there hadn't been any chatter on Twitter or elsewhere that he actually got a scholarship offer. 


11/09/2022 1:35 pm  #102

Re: 2023 Recruits

Seems like a walk-on via his insta:


11/09/2022 2:54 pm  #103

Re: 2023 Recruits

Welcome Luke! Who knows if he was actually offered by the other schools listed, but if he was this is a good sign. We have lost recruits to those schools in the past, and now we have someone giving up a scholarship to walk on.  


11/09/2022 4:33 pm  #104

Re: 2023 Recruits

From Great Neck North?  Know the Blazers well.  Excellent chance he's a preferred walk-on.

Shout out to the north shore.  And, welcome Luke.



11/09/2022 5:22 pm  #105

Re: 2023 Recruits

Looks like he had offers from Manhattan and Towson.


11/16/2022 6:25 pm  #106

Re: 2023 Recruits


12/06/2022 1:04 pm  #107

Re: 2023 Recruits

CBB Europe @CBB_Europe
2023 6-7 G/F Michael Belle has posted back-to-back dbl dbls in the French U21 league last week Highly switchable defender willing to make hustle plays, brings lots of athleticism and a steady two-way production with tantalizing flashes off the dribble and improving % from 3

Belle has been consistent day in day out so far this year. Here's how he ranks in 4 major stat categories in that 18-team league: 17.7 PTS (11th) 8.6 REB (7th) 3.3 AST (28th) 2.4 STL (11th)

Receiving interest from Seton Hall, Colorado St, Utah St, VCU. GW reached out recently.

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