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4/05/2024 7:44 pm  #361

Re: Yuta Update

Found this in a reddit link.   Article is in Japanese but synopsis is in English.


4/05/2024 9:27 pm  #362

Re: Yuta Update

Really interesting find,BGF
Don't know what to read into it.


4/19/2024 9:45 pm  #363

Re: Yuta Update

Sounds like Yuta's NBA career is finished. Going back to Japan


4/19/2024 10:06 pm  #364

Re: Yuta Update

Excellent though distressing find. The one year he finally had a guaranteed contract for next year,Yuta decides this.
Wonder if getting married and being so far from home and families sparked this?
Because Japan pro basketball is way below his level.
Maybe tired of the NBA lifestyle.


4/20/2024 2:59 pm  #365

Re: Yuta Update

He could also be getting paid a ton to play there because he’s a celebrity.  I could see him making more than in the NBA.


4/20/2024 4:23 pm  #366

Re: Yuta Update

wishing Yuta nothing but the best!  


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