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11/30/2021 10:52 pm  #161

Re: Yuta Update

Good find,MG, and good outing for Yuta.


12/01/2021 3:43 pm  #162

Re: Yuta Update

Looks like Yuta is slowly coming back from his injury. Now lets hope the Raptors start winning some games again.


12/08/2021 1:16 pm  #163


12/13/2021 10:03 pm  #164

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta with another nice game tonight. Ended up with a double-double!

26 minutes
5-8 shooting (2-4 from 3)
12 points
10 rebounds
2 assists
1 steal


12/13/2021 11:24 pm  #165

Re: Yuta Update

Great find.
Was of course, at another game, but maybe this one bears buying on NBA TV online.
Double-Double for Yuta in 26 min.


12/13/2021 11:34 pm  #166

Re: Yuta Update

Here are Yuta's highlights from tonight's game.

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12/13/2021 11:59 pm  #167

Re: Yuta Update

Very nice highlight post. Thanks.
Quite the spin move. 
Announcers say because he's such a good teammate, passes and does all the dirty work, also shown in the
highlights, you love to see Yuta have a game like this. 


12/14/2021 2:54 pm  #168

Re: Yuta Update

Keep making us proud Yuta!
We haven't had much to be proud about these last 5 years.


12/17/2021 8:46 pm  #169

Re: Yuta Update

With detailed analysis, comments and video clips about what our Yuta brings as the right now the 6th man on the Raptors. GW mention. 
Don't think that this from yesterday has been posted before. Hopefully link works. If not, on Yahoo Sports Canada.
Raptors: Yuta Watanabe giving bench unit much-needed boost (


12/18/2021 9:24 am  #170

Re: Yuta Update

Great article.  Had not seen it before.   Very proud of Yuta and GW.    Thank you for posting, jf.


12/18/2021 10:51 pm  #171

Re: Yuta Update

Who wants to get Yuta tramp stamps with me??


12/20/2021 8:17 am  #172

Re: Yuta Update

Gary Payton tried to poster Yuta.  Didn’t end so well.


12/20/2021 10:03 am  #173

Re: Yuta Update

BM wrote:

Gary Payton tried to poster Yuta. Didn’t end so well.



12/20/2021 1:51 pm  #174

Re: Yuta Update

Saw that and Yuta's highlights. 
   Would note that Yuta's return seems to have had a positive effect on the Raptors.
  Posted on the other dunk discussion.
But for wins, better for our guys to try and be more like GW's own team player and fierce NBA defender Yuta than Gary Payton, truly rejected in his glory seeking.


12/26/2021 6:08 pm  #175

Re: Yuta Update

Toronto just tipped off at Cleveland, and Yuta got the start. Toronto will be missing a bunch of key players(it appears as if all 5 of their starters are out due to health and safety protocols) so Yuta could have a career game tonight. I don't think the game is being televised anywhere outside of Toronto or Cleveland, but I wanted to inform everyone of this so you can watch, if you have the means, or check for updates. 

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12/26/2021 7:06 pm  #176

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta appears to be playing well so far--though his team isn't as it is playing a bunch of unfamiliar names who seem to be recently added for bulking up the Covid-depleted roster.
Looks like 13 points and 7 rebounds for Yuta at the half.


12/27/2021 8:22 am  #177

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta finished with 26 points and 13 rebounds (both team-highs/career-highs). He had a great game shooting the ball and took 20 shots in the game. Toronto basically had no one healthy. Not sure why the NBA thought it was a good idea to put that product out on the floor with so many players out, but glad Yuta got to shine.

I know this is a Yuta thread, but Matt Moyer made a three at the buzzer for his PSK Lions team (professional team in Germany) to give them an 87-86 win over Rostock. Happy for him - I believe he is averaging 5.6 ppg on the year. That was only one of two shots he took yesterday, but it was a big one.



12/27/2021 11:42 am  #178

Re: Yuta Update

The NBA has cancelled a bunch of games recently because of COVID so they've had no issue cancelling games. Maybe the NBA doesn't care whether Toronto wins or loses games, so they decided Toronto was going to play no matter what?? I think Yuta and Chris Boucher were the only rotation guys who played last night for the Raptors. The Cavs won the game 144-99, but Yuta had the best game of his NBA career last night(double-double) as dmvpiranha wrote, and probably earned even more trust/confidence from the Raptors coaches


12/29/2021 10:17 am  #179

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta showing he is human. At the end of this clip, he's T'ed up for the first time (I believe) in his NBA career, after failing to contain Embiid. Actually, it was no contest. 

Later, he limped into the locker room after colliding with Embiid, but fortunately, he was able to re-enter the game at the end of the 4th Q.

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1/04/2022 7:47 pm  #180

Re: Yuta Update

Alas, Yuta is in Covid protocol. Hope he is well and asymptomatic.
Raptors have been rife with Covid.
Out for six days, it looks like, in the best of circumstances. Haven't looked up more.
Yuta did everything he could to avoid the coronavirus, which ran through the Raptors, including having his Christmas dinner in his room.
      Poor Yuta had to fight his way onto the roster, even after earning a contract last year. Then, he was injured at the start of the season. He had a great comeback recently, as noted here. And now, this. Raptors analysts note he is an important part of the rotation and will be (hopefully briefly) missed.
    Most important, of course, is Yuta's health and we all wish him the best for a lack of symptoms/speedy recovery.


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