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2/18/2024 7:40 pm  #1

RevsBall season #1

The GW Revolutinaries began their first baseball season over the weekend, getting swept at ODU. Pitching seems acceptable, but it is hard to win when over the three games the hitters pair 17 hits with 31 strike outs.
Home opener is Friday against Bryant.


3/01/2024 7:49 pm  #2

Re: RevsBall season #1

GW 10-0 victors today. Fourth straight win for GW

With the win Coach Ritchie becomes the winningest manager in GW history

6  straight wins for GW now

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3/13/2024 10:09 am  #3

Re: RevsBall season #1

Last night, I watched GW Softball take the last two games @ UC Davis This is a rebounding year for the program. They look good in the field. at the rubber and at the plate. The second game was the 3rd game at Davis and GW took a mercy killing victory. The Davis Aggies played their 2nd game of the day right after against U of Iowa . Loojks like both men and women are getting on to it on the diamond.


4/17/2024 11:13 pm  #4

Re: RevsBall season #1

After getting swept over the weekend at Richmond, RevsBall is now 21-15 (4-5 A10). URI comes to town this weekend for three games.

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5/04/2024 5:38 pm  #5

Re: RevsBall season #1

WHOOOO!!! What a game. Down 3 runs in the 9th, GW scores 8 runs. Final: GW 11 VCU 6.


5/05/2024 8:08 am  #6

Re: RevsBall season #1

Nice! Didn't the softball team lose in similar fashion last week? Good to know that things even out eventually. It seems like the pitching is better than in past seasons which from what I can tell is the big differentiator between good and bad teams for college baseball. It looks like the UMass series is going to pivotal (as was the case for softball) and hopefully GW can take at least two.

As for softball, it looks like the season is going to end with GW coming up just short in their quest for a conference playoff spot but the young talent on the team seems promising. Unfortunate, because had Schoonmaker brought in a veteran arm they may have qualified. Since Lange graduated, Schoonmaker seems to have a tendency to run down pitchers, maybe due to lack of trust. Are the majority of pitchers hurt? Smith and Torreso are good players, but they are also still freshmen and could use a break here and there.


5/06/2024 10:50 am  #7

Re: RevsBall season #1

I think softball would have made the playoff, except that for some reason, neither Cano or Smith was available to pitch the for about the last 8-10 games (assume injuries). That's why Torreso had to pitch every inning this weekend against St. Bonaventure. The team (and especially Cano) seemed to be peaking until this happened. The team led the A10 in almost every offensive category, and if our two best pitchers had been healthy(?), I think it would have been a different story.


5/11/2024 2:03 am  #8

Re: RevsBall season #1


5/13/2024 10:16 am  #9


5/13/2024 4:39 pm  #10

Re: RevsBall season #1

With that sweep, GW stands in 4th in the A10 heading in to the final series (at St Joes). Not sure how the tiebreakers work (thanks to Mother Nature GW has played a few fewer games than other teams), but second place and a bye in the A10 Tourney is possible with a series win and some help, otherwise a single win (if even that) would clinch a spot in the A10 Tourney.

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5/18/2024 1:43 pm  #11

Re: RevsBall season #1

Baseball Splits Doubleheader, Clinches Spot in A-10 Championship


5/18/2024 4:26 pm  #12

Re: RevsBall season #1

Looks like we've got Richmond on Tuesday at 11 AM EST.
Capital One Park
Tysons, VA
Ballpark info:


Yesterday 12:53 pm  #13

Re: RevsBall season #1

After dropping their first game, GW came back and beat Dayton 9-1.  Lots of working the count and timely hits for the Revs.

We will play the winner of SLU/St. Joe's at 7 pm tonight.  SLU is the #1 seed.  They also lost to Richmond.  St. Joe's is the #7 seed.

Game will be on ESPN+


Today 10:12 am  #14

Re: RevsBall season #1

I'm confused - I think they are playing now and the official site story was wrong about when the next game was.  But I could be wrong.


Today 12:35 pm  #15

Re: RevsBall season #1

GW up 10-5. Benny proceeds to give up 5 runs by wild pitches and other errors. Coach will not pull him. Sad. 


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