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12/13/2020 3:22 pm  #1

Women tied at Howard after 3

Turned it on at halftime (link to free stream below) and saw the women were up by two touchdowns and figured "maybe Coach Rizz has this thing figured out" only to watch the lead evaporate in a plethora of turnovers, open threes for Howard and wild drive-and-shoot "offense" by GW. Tied at 40 heading in to the 4th.


12/13/2020 3:52 pm  #2

Re: Women tied at Howard after 3

The last time GW lost to Howard, no one had ever heard of Fawn Hall, A-Ha had the top music video and Tracy Earley was a frosh. The year was 1985.
FINAL SCORE: Howard 63 GW 53
If the travails of the men are causing frustration, what is happening to the women´s programme makes me want to put a fist through a wall.

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12/13/2020 3:53 pm  #3

Re: Women tied at Howard after 3

what a wonderful year for GW basketball.


12/13/2020 3:54 pm  #4

Re: Women tied at Howard after 3

The women shot 27% from the field. Also had 23 TOs


12/13/2020 3:56 pm  #5

Re: Women tied at Howard after 3

Men's crew and tennis, just to name two.


12/13/2020 10:26 pm  #6

Re: Women tied at Howard after 3

Howard did a great job making halftime adjustments, absolutely ripping apart the 2-3 zone in the second half (where have I heard that before?), partly due to some foul trouble in the frontcourt.

The result doesn't change my thoughts on this year's team. Still think they can finish middle of the pack (I still think the defense is pretty good), but the ceiling is capped because there is just a dearth of shooting, to put it nicely. Hopefully next year's freshmen class will have some shooters. The team took 75 shots, but only put up 53 points which is pretty rough. A lot of the turnovers in the second half came trying to force it inside because of the bricky shooting. Not a great second half for both GW teams in the last games. WBB put up 18 points in the final 20 minutes just after MBB had scored 8 points in the final 9 minutes against Delaware.


12/14/2020 11:07 am  #7

Re: Women tied at Howard after 3

Bottom line is that R is not a good coach. Another coach that teaches turnovers. Both men's and women's coaches do not teach that protecting the ball is important. AD should be fed up with Rizzo's losing ways. Not good.


12/14/2020 12:22 pm  #8

Re: Women tied at Howard after 3

Count me in as one who thinks the team can get better. Consider that 4 players who have started this season are shooting 25%, including our PG who has logged by far the most minutes, and Taiwo, who only takes shorter shots and is in at 14%. That being said, when the ball isn't turned over, the offense has delivered a lot of clean shots-- that are just missed. 

As for Taiwo, there's pressure for her to be a scorer inside-- forcing her to take very difficult shots that are missed, result in a foul (not good given an obvious weakness in her game), or a turnover. She needs to go back to focusing on defense and rebounding and being an opportunistic scorer. Right now her confidence level seems down and she's taken large step back from her performance of last year.

If some of main players can improve their shooting by 10-15%, we might win some games.

A last observation-- our PGs (and this is true for men's team as well), don't seem to understand game situations and when to slow things down and actually try to orchestrate a play. When it comes to crunch time, both Whitney and Bishop hold on to ball too much, while others are standing around watching-- usually ending up in erratic play. This is where we really appreciate players like Mei-Lyn and Joe MaC (who I didn't think was a natural PG, but sure learned to play like one). Good old days.


12/14/2020 9:31 pm  #9

Re: Women tied at Howard after 3

Fire Jen Rizzotti.
End communication.


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